Twitter gets frisky on Easter Sunday with #JesusPickUpLines

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    Just as people were ranting and raving about how offensive it was that Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison, a black man, dropped an N-bomb on live TV when referring to Wisconsin’s Andrew Kaminsky, a white man, this Easter Sunday, Twitter offered up something far more offensive… and hysterical.

    God bless the internet. Literally.

    Some creative kook decided to come up with the hashtag “Jesus Pick-Up Lines.” For his efforts, he probably has a one way ticket downstairs reserved in his name. Either way, considering I’m a full-time heathen working in a bar who hears cheesy pick-up lines all the time, I found this string of Tweets laugh out loud funny.

    So enjoy the post and try not to get too offended while reading. Remember, if God didn’t have a sense of humor, he wouldn’t have invented the smile. Oh, and if you don’t know what a hashtag is… this might help.

    Come be offended at:
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    Why do all the ladies love Jesus?
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    Because he was hung *like this* (extend hands out ala crucifixion)
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    There were a few good ones, that's for sure