Two Inevitable, If Not Necessary, NFL Changes for 2021

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    Are we playing on Wednesdays now?”

    Peyton Manning​

    Several years ago, an aging Peyton Manning quipped the above line. He was referring to the NFL’s Thursday night games, which players simultaneously love and hate. Most NFL players love playing in prime time but hate how Thursday night games affect their bodies and work out rituals. Sure, they get ten days rest after playing a Thursday night game but heading into them, they have only four days to prepare, leading to a substantially heightened risk of injury in what is already a dangerous game.

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    Ah, yes...the Franchise Tag, also known as "The Elway Rule". Back when the NFLPA was bargaining with the NFL and demanding free agency, a compromise had to be made because several super-stars had expiring contracts that year and with the new free agency, would be allowed to sign whenever they wanted. "I can't afford to lose John Elway", whined Pat Bowlen.

    27 years later I think it has run its course. Without that leverage, teams will have to pony up even more to keep their super stars. Or maybe they could get super-max deals like the NBA has done (not that it has helped much, but still).

    As for the 18-game season, the more, the merrier. That's what I say. Although there's something about the number 16 that I have always like, like it being not only an even number, but a perfect square.

    Don't mind me. I'm just a nerd who loves numbers and math. I can make 17 or 18 work.
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    A perfect square for the perfect square.
    Nice to see we nerds agree on both these issues.
    Yea, the NBA allows for its small market teams to outbid other suitors, which protects them from big names fleeing to New York or L.A. We'll see how that works out for Milwaukee and Giannis.
    The NFL might be better suited if it followed that model but with revenue way down thanks to COVID, owners and players are going to have to get awfully crafty about how to make all sides happy.
    I fully expect rumblings.
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