Utah Blaze WR Skaggs dies 1 day after brain surgery

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    Utah Blaze receiver/linebacker Justin Skaggs died Friday, one day after emergency brain surgery. Skaggs, recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, had surgery Thursday to relieve swelling after he complained about a severe headache, Blaze spokesman Tom Goodhines said.

    Source: SI.com
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    Was sorry to hear this, Skaggs was with the redskins a few years ago and was allocated to NFLE. Whilst he never made it on the full roster it looks like he tried to keep the dream of playing alive. RIP.
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    My thoughts go out to the family at this diffcult time.
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    The injury to the Avenger player, in 2004, was worse!
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    RIP Mate
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    Wow. R.I.P.