Vicks First Letter From Prison

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    Dear Moms,

    Yo I know this being a hard time for you and all but dis crap aint no walk in the motherfreaking park either. I mean theres no maids, hos or butlers. I gots to pee in front of everyone. Marcus and Pops never told me about this crap.

    I met some dudes from the something called the Mexican Mafia, they be pissed at me for picking Ron Mexico as my alias. A lot of homies seem cool and crap they even gave me a nickname of Black Paris. Something about another rich snitch in jail except Im black.Da man be being out to get me fo awhile and now he has.

    Screw dat cracker butt judge not letting me change into a five grand suit making me wear prison jumpsuit. I gots to look fly. And then he all talking about I made false statements to da feds and I wasnt keeping it real wit him about my smoke habit. I dont be deserving no 23 months for killing some dogs, some of those dogs deserved it and crap. And then he be saying Im getting 3 years closely monitored probation afterwards. I guess Ill make the best of it.

    Yo dad be right about one thing yo, you can get some good crap in here. Its high as heck though! Thank God Im still rich. Speaking of money Mom, I cant be supporting you, Marcus and Pop and be paying protection money to. Think about how much the chronic will be once Im transfered to the big house in 6 weeks. You just going to have to go back to working in a gas station with pops. Marcus Im not sure what he be doing now.My cellmate is named Rocco and for 5 gs a week he said hell protect me. When I ask from who he said from himself. He said wont butt rape me 23 times, one for every month as long as I keep paying and crap. He also said to look up his big brother, Cletus at the fed pin. He said I cant miss him hes the leader of some gang called the Aryan Brotherhood. He said they might let me join so dont be shy about asking. Other than the shakedown and cuddling wit me, he alright.

    Moms I gots to go. But please do me one favor, try to sneak some metal hidden under one of your fat rolls, Rocco said he will teach me how to shank. Try to make all the court appearances concerning those law suits that are against me. Theres 3 onces of Mexican gold hash in the waterbottle give that to Marcus as a Christmas present.I love you moms, soon Ill be free and Im sure Mr. Goodell and Mr. Blank will allow me to play again. Ill keep in shape with all the weights that here and constant running from the Crips.

    PS Slap Marcus for me and tell him you still loves me more.

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    :icon_cheesygrin: True dat yo! Akkkkeeee Akeekkeee
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    Hey Saintsfan, what did moms have to say to all this? Please write that one out. :laughpound:
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    newport news' finest.