Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier Says Refs Aren't To Blame For Loss To Colts

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    Coach Leslie Frazier blamed his players for the 11 penalties that cost the Minnesota Vikings' 105 yards against the Colts on Sunday.

    “We have to make sure that we're doing the things that are necessary to play within the rules,â€￾ Frazier said. “We have officials at our practice. We go through with our players what a hold is, what constitutes a personal foul, what's offsides, what's encroachment. We go through all those things. So it's up to us when we get in game situations to do the right things. And there were times yesterday where we didn't and it cost us.â€￾

    Some of the players blamed the replacement referees for the loss, but Frazier, who could get fined if he were to go down that road, declined to take the bait. He said he would send a tape certain calls to the league for review -- just like he has done in the past with the regular officials.

    DE Jared Allen was called for a roughing penalty on a late hit out of bounds on Colts QB Andrew Luck that kept a drive alive, and Allen said after the game that it wasn't a penalty and that if he was chasing a running back, it never would have been called.

    After watching a tape of the game, coach Frazier's view was slightly different.

    “[It was] great hustle on his part,â€￾ Frazier said. “He was running all day trying to catch up to that quarterback. Got to have a little awareness of where you are on the field. It looks like he kind of lost where he was on the field. Just have a little awareness of where you are on the field, and probably have to pull up in that situation.â€￾

    Source: CBS Sports

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