Vikings DE Jared Allen Is Not Excited About Sitting Out Plays

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    The importance of the defensive line to a stout defensive unit cannot be understated in the NFL, and the Vikings coaching staff is well aware of that fact. At training camp, both head coach Leslie Frazier and defensive coordinator Alan Williams have spoken about using a rotation system -- Williams calling it “hockey style†since they were in Minnesota -- that platoons the defensive lineman to keep them fresh late into the games, but on Wednesday defensive end Jared Allen, the 2011 NFL sack leader, was having nothing to do with it. “[The coaches] are probably going to drop that on me toward the beginning of the season, and I am going to be pissed at them,†Allen said. “I am willing to do anything to win, but I don't like coming off the field.†Allen spoke between smiles about being upset about the prospect of him sitting out plays, but speaking honestly, he said he works too hard to take plays off. “I work so hard in the offseason getting in the best shape that I can,†said Allen “My theory has always been you want to rest me, rest me during the week because I get paid to play on Sundays. I am out there to make plays, and if I ever feel like I can't make a play, then I will retire.†Certainly Allen has his eyes on the sack title again after coming up just one sack shy (22) of the all-time NFL record last season. He said that he has worked for it every year he has been in the league, but ultimately Allen wants what everyone else on his team wants and that is take the team to the playoffs and try to win a Super Bowl, he recognizes the importance of doing what the coaches say, but with Allen and the hockey shift mentality, the coach may have to tread lightly. “I understand you've got to have a rotation and you have to do what's asked of you,†said Allen, “but there will be a diplomatic conversation if they ask me to rotate too much.â€

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    well he's not changing the coaches minds when he gets stonewalled by a rookie.

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