Vikings LB E.J. Henderson Unsure If Team Will Re-Sign Him

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    E.J. Henderson’s nine-year career with the Minnesota Vikings has probably best been known for his remarkable recovery from a badly broken leg than for any particular achievement on the field. But the sight of those dreadlocks bouncing out of Henderson’s helmet over the No. 56 on the back of his jersey while he has raced back and forth and side to side from his middle linebacker spot has become one of the enduring images of Minnesota’s not-dominant-but-decent defense over the last decade. Henderson’s tenure, the third-longest on the team, could end this weekend. His contract is expiring, and he hasn’t heard from the front office about a new deal. “It’s natural coming up on your last year, always wondering where you’re going to be at next September,†Henderson said. “So, of course, it’s been on my mind, but I’m trying to stay positive and hopefully in the next couple of months we can get something done and I’ll still be a Viking.â€

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