Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Will Likely Receive A Fine, Police Say

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    Two days after Adrian Peterson's arrest for resisting arrest, it remains unclear what exactly happened leading up to the incident but it is becoming clearer, however, what sort of punishment Peterson may get. Houston Police Department Spokesperson Kese Smith told and NFL Network that he would probably end up with a fine because Peterson's charge is a misdemeanor. Peterson is due back in court on July 13 and has no known prior record. Smith said he'd believed that Peterson's case would be adjudicated quickly, Peterson's arrest document indicates he pushed a police officer and that Peterson knew it was an officer. Peterson is one of the league's biggest and brightest stars so a story like this deserves attention, ultimately, it may not affect the 2012 Vikings much, first-time offenders of the league's conduct policy are usually not suspended for something like resisting arrest.

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