Vikings WR Greg Jennings Says It Was 'It Was Time' To Move On From The Packers

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    Greg Jennings said in an interview Tuesday on ESPN's "First Take" that he left the Green Bay Packers for the Minnesota Vikings because "it was time" and said he has much confidence in his new quarterback, Christian Ponder.

    "You just know when it's time to move on," said Jennings, who spent seven seasons with the Packers. "In the biblical sense, seven years is the year of completion. Eight years is new beginnings."

    Jennings, 29, signed a five-year contract worth a maximum of $47.5 million and $18 million guaranteed with Minnesota in March.

    In addition to wanting to prove that he can be a star receiver without Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball, Jennings said he wanted to let the Packers' young receivers step into the limelight, which they began to do last season when he was limited to eight games with an abdominal injury.

    "I'm not a selfish guy. It's not about me. It's more about giving guys an opportunity to do what they need to do," he said. "I had to remove myself from that situation to allow those guys to spread their wings."

    In turn, Jennings said he has the utmost confidence in Ponder, who he believes will benefit greatly now that he has joined the Vikings' receiver corps.

    Source: ESPN
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    It's always time when they don't want you anymore
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    Yea, it was a magnanimous gesture on your part, Greg...

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