Vikings WR/KR Percy Harvin On Trade Rumors: 'I Got Nothing To Say About Any Of That'

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    It's been more than a week since the rumors began: the Vikings were reportedly willing to trade disgruntled wideout Percy Harvin, who reportedly was considering a holdout unless he got a new contract.

    As the story evolved, CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora wrote that Harvin was frustrated not with his contract, but the direction of the passing game. And Vikings general manager Rick Spielman told's Tom Pelissero "We have no intent of trading Percy Harvin. … [He] is under contract, and we expect him -- just like all of our players under contract -- to be here."

    Through it all, we never heard from Harvin, who appeared in just nine games in 2012 and last spoke to the media on Nov. 5, a day after landing on injured reserve with a bum ankle.

    On Tuesday, the St. Paul Pioneer Press' Brian Murphy caught up with Harvin in the driveway of his Fleming Island, Fla., home. So what does the Vikings' former first-round pick think about all the rumors?

    "I got nothing to say about any of that," Harvin said, according to Murphy, as he returned to his house and closed the front door.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    weren't all of the guys in the nfl supposedly in college at one time ?
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    Vikings WR/KR Percy Harvin On Trade Rumors: 'I Got Nothing To Say About Any Of

    College yes. Elementary, Middle, High School...not so much...

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