Vince Young Is A Winner In The NFL

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    Well I'm pretty sure that everyone knows Vince Young is one crapty butt Quarterback. The Titans dont win games because of Vince they win in spite of him. So I made a video showing some highlights ( I showed about 1/3 of his Touchdowns and some other stuff). And I displayed his stats for each week.

    A corny group of songs mixed it but its all good.

    Enjoy the vid. :icon_cool:
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    You failed to show the play before the clip you put in for the week 2 game between the Colts and Titans. A wide open Brandon Jones dropped a pass that would have been an easy first down and gotten the Titans into FG rage.

    As for the game where the Titans scored so many points vs the Texans without Vince? Rob Bironas was the star in that game because the offense couldn't punch it into the endzone all day long.

    In the Broncos game he was killed all night by dropped passes all over the place. He forced some things late when they got behind after cutting it to 27-20.

    With that said though there were some games he was absolutely atrocious in. One thing I will say in his defense is that he has absolutely NO gamebreakers on offense. The wide receivers are maybe the worst set of wideouts in the entire NFL and their TE's can't stretch the middle of the field at all. And...your final point about all the playoff QB's? can turn that around and say that Vince and the Titans were able to get in the playoffs with virtually no weapons on offense to fear outside of Bironas. What other playoff team can say that?

    Vince has his share of the blame with the struggles on offense this year. I don't believe however they can all be blamed on him.
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    :lol: Yea I remember Bironas setting an NFL Record in that game vs the Texans. But Kerry Collins did have a good final minute or whatever and got him in Field goal range to kick a gamewinner. Thats why I just said they scored a lot without Vince instead of because of Kerry.

    And yea that Broncos game was brutal. But we make every Qb look good. You have to really be bad if you fail against Denver who has no D-line whats so ever. I remember all the drops and that play before the half that was close that didn't get reviewed as well.

    And I agree that the Titans dont have good Recievers at all. But I think the Jags might have the worst too. Its a toss up. But Garrard makes the most of it and his recievers catch more passes then they drop for him.

    I didn't show any drops because the video was strictly about Vince. The majority of the picks that I showed were just bad passes or bad decisions.

    I dont think Vince will be an NFL great but you never know. I think he is very overhyped/overrated. I made the video mainly because a lot of people on different networks or people I know in real life say that Vince is a winner and the Titans win games because of Vince Young. I dont think thats true. He has a lot of poor games. Too many for a QB.

    And the Titans just had a defense. One of the tops in the league. A good defense is good enough to carry a team. Its not too hard when your starting at midfield a lot of the time. Vince can go 20 yards and set up a Bironas FG. But where would all the other teams be if they had Young? Its hard to say.
    Only time will tell.

    But I was bored and needed something to do today so I made a video. Its fun getting hate mail on youtube. :lol:
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    We have a thread called "VY is the best QB in the NFL" at the TT. It's been hijacked four times (twice because of Carr).
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    lol at the video - nice job. In Young's defense though, one thing stood out - the number of sacks. Titans need to look for some help on the o-line as well.
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    Hah....well I am happy you had fun with the video. BTW....would you ever be interested in wanting to help the site and pump out videos with a watermark on them?
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    :lol: Yea it was a good way to kill a tuesday afternoon.

    And I'd be interested in helping out the site. But what do you mean with the watermark thing?
    I'm not too great with videos or websites so I dont know what you mean. :icon_cry:
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    I just posted a link to YouTube in the VY is the best (blah, blah, blah) thread.

    I said the 'Haters will love it' and the 'Lovers will hate it'..


    Thanks BronoBJ.. Enjoyed the hell out of it..
  9. BroncoBJ

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    :lol: Good stuff. Spread the word. :icon_cool:
    But glad you enjoyed it. Its funny seeing comments from it. I like comments from fans who arn't a Broncos or Titans fan. Or Rival teams of either of them.
    Its neat to see nice comments rather then Jay Cutler sucks. Donkeys suck. Vince Sucks.. Yada yada yada.
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    I really have no opinion of Vince Young. Yes, he's fast. Yes, he's not the most accurate QB. Yes, his receivers can't catch. Just a player on the Titans, in my eyes.
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    TexanBill I went to TT and saw that thread on there and your post.
    Its funny seeing everyone over there Rip me and say I suck just because I'm a Cutler fan.
    I should have created that video on a Tom Brady account. What would they be able to say to me then? :lol: