Voice Expert For NFLPA Says Anthony Hargrove’s Voice Not On Video

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    Part of the NFL's Saints bounty evidence is a video clip that reportedly shows Anthony Hargrove, then a defensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints and one of four players suspended in the case, saying, “Bobby, give me my money.†The video was shot on the Saints’ sideline during the N.F.C. championship game in 2010, moments after New Orleans players were erroneously informed that Minnesota’s Brett Favre had been knocked out of the game. Hargrove’s face is partially covered in the video, however, and it is not immediately clear if he is the one speaking. Richard Smith, the outside counsel for the players union in the Saints case, said it was “my best piece of evidence because it calls into question the thoroughness, the accuracy and veracity of the NFL’s investigation and their statements,†Tim Rohan of the New York Times reports. Hargrove, who had previously submitted a signed admission of knowing about and participating in the Saints’ bounty program, has denied he made the statement. Adolpho Birch, the NFL's vice president for law and labor policy, recently told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,†“I think in looking at it, it sounds like the same person; it looks like a continuation of the same sentence.†“It’s just unfathomable to me that the NFL would simply rely on their naked eye and their ears to determine if a player has said something,†Smith said in a telephone interview Thursday. “No one can say beyond doubt that it’s Anthony Hargrove speaking,†Smith said. “Anything that we have tested, been able to test, like the videotape, is crumbling,†Smith said.

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    So, you go on evidence that isn't even CLEAR, Mr. Goodell?

    As a Saints fan, I hate to see this. But, if they had this program in place - PUNISH THEM.

    If you're coming up with bogus evidence, which seems to be the case in most of this investigation... then stop with the power trip, and get over it.

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