Want Jack Lambert's Cigarette? Today's Your Lucky Day

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  1. This, I imagine, is how Matthew Lesko got his start: taking a really dumb idea and trying to make a few bucks off of it. Anyway, some Young Einstein had the vision to look beyond what most of us would see as just a cigarette and, well, just read the eBay description:

    I know i know this is gross but think how rare this is ,not many ex football players smoke cigarettes,,we were in N.J. this weekend where Mr. Jack Lambert hall of fame linebacker from the Pittsburgh Steelers was staying for a huge autograph show, he was not too happy or plesant [sic] w/many fans however he took a liking to my boys, any way when I was outside the hotel making small talk w/him while he was smoking he through [sic] this butt on the ground & I grabbed it because I thought it would be collectable [sic]. He smoked a few other times but he put those in that long tube type trash can outside places they put for butts.if you have a photo of card of Lambert, this would be cool to frame w/it as a conversation piece, you get the butt & the Sheraton napkin----- cash ,,m.o. or paypal, no reserve, please email w/any? Thank you shipping is $3.00

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