Warren Moon arrested for DUI

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    Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon was arrested for drunken driving after a trooper stopped him in downtown Kirkland for speeding last Friday about 2 a.m., the State Patrol reported. After his arrest, Moon, 50, was taken to the Kirkland Police Department so troopers could test his blood alcohol level. Police will not release the test results until the King County prosecutor's office files charges.

    Man what a bummer. Hopefully he won't get into to much trouble, but he did make a mistake.
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    It happends to the best of us....
    If he still lived in Houston.. the boys in blu would hook a brother up... a ride home and all.
    20 yrs ago.... a swift kick and a media frenzy.
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    Will that be credited to the Titans or Texans in the PFT's Turd watch? :mrgreen:
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    SeaHawks :mrgreen:
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    No domestic violence, just DUI? [smilie=ohboy.gif] Moon is getting old