Warriors come out and play

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    It was almost three years ago to the day. Golden State Warriors owner Joseph Lacob was introducing Chris Mullin to the Oracle Arena crowd. Mullin’s jersey was about to be retired.

    Frustrated with the state of the franchise, the Oakland crowd let Lacob know how just they felt about him and his roster moves. A chorus of boos rained down from the stands so much so that Mullin had to step in and defend him.

    Fan favorite Monta Ellis had just been traded. Playing alongside a young Steph Curry, the two had formed a formidable backcourt.

    Three years later, it looks like Lacob knew exactly what he was doing.

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    eh. they got a very young Pelicans( man I hate that damn name) with no playoff experience. The Brow can only do so much. we will see how they fare in the next round.
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    Memphis should pose some matchup problems for sure.
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