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    "Hey Mom...Hurry!! Bring the spatula, I'm stuck to the sheets again!!" ~ Raven Nation

    Titans went 14-2 last season. Love their trophy, don't you? C'mon act like Team Hollow Victory has been at 2-0 before. Nothing better than Raven Fanboi's beating their sunken chests over a W against a Bottom feeder like KC who were fielding a career backup under centre (still almost a rook too) and another win against a team that almost lost to the Raiders.
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    At this point in time, it's like buying a lady a drink at the bar, but there's no gurantee you are going to get laid.:icon_rolleyes:
  4. MediaGuy

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    Hoo Boy! Here we go again.
  5. BU54

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    Ravens yes, thanks to the Bears!! :icon_twisted:
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    yay the ravens beat the chargers.............. They are now unstoppable... lol
  7. Mr. D

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    may god have mercy upon our souls

    The Ravens face off against the Browns

    They will win
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  9. Crowned

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    :rollinglaugh: notice no other fan did this, for any team.
  10. Mr. D

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    two weeks later and the Ravens are sharing the top with the Bengals at 3-1 hmmm

    I'm not here to brag about how good my team's doing right now, but just to point out at how fast things can change lol
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    hmm lol
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    serves the little guy right
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  15. Mr. D

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    I think I have seen worse than RF52
  16. Mr. D

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    Open mouth insert foot please and thank you :rollinglaugh:
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    Congrats Mr. D...
  18. TJ

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    I knew this would happen :icon_cheesygrin:

    Any comment from the smartass Ravens fan? Didn't think so.
  19. MediaGuy

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    Little crap has been unseen all day.....thankfully.
  20. Crowned

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    Of course, we will see him again when the Ravens win. You guys have Vikings next week, that game is going to be a GREAT one.