What are the statistical benchmarks for players now?

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Chrisbob, Jul 15, 2007.

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    Offensively, when I first started watching the game, 1000 yards for runners and receivers was something to look for. 3000 was the sign of a QB who had played most of the season (and if had done that, he was probably playing well enough to hold onto his starting job) and 4000 was thwe sign of an amazing season.

    Now, it seems 4000 yards is becoming more and more frequent and breaking 1000 yards is just getting 4 figures. What are the signs for you (statistically) of a good/great/amazing player.

    I know stats don't always tell the full story but an interesting topic to debate nevertheless.........
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    I think 4000 yards is still significant for a QB. I'd say for an every down back (300+ carries), 1200 yards is the new benchmark to look for. A 1000 yard receiving season is still an impressive accomplishment to me.
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    The new rules for PI and all that helped the QB and the WR. 4,000 is still impressive though. 1,300 for a RB is the bench mark now I think. 1,100-1,200 for a WR is what I feel the bench mark is.
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    thats the way i look at it too
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    I'd say 3500 for a qb is a good season. 4000 is still outstanding, but it is becoming more commonplace.

    RB's, I'd say 12-1300 is the "new" 1000. 1000 is still used as the "benchmark" by many, but it is so commonplace now, and is achieved regularly by pretty average backs it seems.

    WR's a grand is still good, but again, it's becoming more commonplace. Not so much as with RB's, but it is. I'd say again, 1200 is a very good season, 1000-1200 being successful.

    TE's reciveing number seem to be increasing as well, IMO. 700-900 is a good season now for a recieving end, and that used to be almost unheard of.
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    For WRs, 100 receptions in a season is still very impressive. More than total yards, you should take a look at the YAC average (yards after catch). The best WRs have a YAC average of 5-6.