'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Loses A Million Dollars

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    For a million dollars, can you correctly pronounce Achilles?

    "Wheel of Fortune" contestant Julian from Indiana University could not, and became a viral sensation Friday when he embarrassingly bungled several seemingly easy answers. For his effort, he lost $1 million and a car in the process.

    In one game, Julian had guessed every letter and had attempted to solve the puzzle for "Mythological Hero Achilles."

    Unfortunately, Julian pronounced "Achilles" "A-chill-us" and lost the money.

    Won't be too long before this society will forget how to make fire... :rolleyes:
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  2. DawkinsINT

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    Hahaha...how did he get in college?
  3. Buck Fenson

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    affirmative action.
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  4. Steve12

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    no one is that goobered. even in Indiana. clearly he wanted that chick next to him to suck his rod.
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    Dicespin?? WTF :shocked2:
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    I don't want to go the direction of calling this dude a dumbass and risk being branded a racist. Maybe the Rainbow Coalition and Al Sharpton will investigate this obviously staged event to embarrass and highlight how African Americans are being denied the same type of education Caucasians would receive in the formative years. It's just not fair that white woman knew the correct pronunciation.​
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    No way he's just freaking around...right?
  9. Kurt

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    That dude looked into the camera each time grabbed a card and it's clear he got paid by Wheel of F to throw the game....
  10. Walnuts

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    ...and spectacularly lost a car and a trip in the same fashion? Come on man that had to be a throw.