Which TV games you get this week?

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Mike S., Oct 7, 2007.

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  2. Mike S.

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  3. DaBearsrule4ever

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    NFLN: Raiders @ Chargers
    CBS: Jaguars @ Bears
    FOX: Cowboys @ Steelers
    NBC: Redskins @ Ravens
    ESPN: Buccaneers @ Panthers
  4. AtlantaBlazer

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    CBS: Won't Load
    FOX: PHI @ NYG
    FOX: DAL @ PIT

    Damnit, I want to see Atlanta @ New Orleans, not this damn PHI/NYG crap.
  5. Titans9961

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    Anyone one I want to watch after titans game. Sunday ticket is the best!
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    Lucky dog!

    Welcome to GIF Titan!
  7. Jammin Jaguar

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    We got the Thursday Night Football game (Oakland @ San Diego) and on Sunday we'll receive:

    Atlanta @ New Orleans (Early)
    Cleveland @ Tennessee (Early)
    Miami @ Buffalo (Late)
    Dallas @ Pittsburgh (Late)
    Washington @ Baltimore (Sunday Night Football)

    Then we'll get the MNF:

    Tampa Bay @ Carolina.

    In England, we get treated pretty well, there are more live NFL games on Sky Sports this sporting year than there are Premiership football games. Weird huh?
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  9. L.Johnson #27

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    nice JJ ..

    1 PM Eagles - Giants
    4 PM Cowboys - Steelers and Chiefs @ Broncos (Stream)
    8 PM Redskins - Ravens


    Bucs - Panthers
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    @ olly :spankbottom:
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    c'mon, follow games by stream is bad.... :icon_mrgreen:
  13. L.Johnson #27

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    my 700 K stream > gay giants, cowboys and co. games on NASN week for week :icon_cheesygrin:
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  15. ollysj

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    Jaguars vs Bears
    Bucs vs Falcons
    Steelers vs Ravens

    MNF and SNF
  16. Mike S.

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  17. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Here are my Week 15 TV games.

    NFLN: Saints @ Bears
    CBS: Bills @ Jets
    CBS: Steelers @ Ravens
    FOX: Vikings @ Cardinals
    NBC: Giants @ Cowboys
    ESPN: Browns @ Eagles
  18. Matt314hew

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    Buffalo @ Jets 1pm CBS
    Tampa Bay @ Atanta 1pm Fox
    Steelers @ Ravens 415 pm CBS
    NO @ CHI (Thu., NFLN)
    NYG @ DAL (SNF)
    CLE @ PHI (MNF)
  19. DaBearsrule4ever

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    Heres my week 16 schedule.

    NFLN: Colts @ Jaguars
    NFLN: Ravens @ Cowboys
    CBS: Steelers @ Titans
    FOX: Cardinals @ Patriots
    FOX: Falcons @ Vikings
    NBC: Panthers @ Giants
    ESPN: Packers @ Bears
  20. L.Johnson #27

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    TNF : Colts - Jags
    Saturday : Cowboys - Ravens
    Sunday : 1 PM Steelers vs. titans / Chiefs vs. Dolphins
    4 PM Falcons - Vikings
    8 PM Panthers - Giants