Who are the key players for your team this season?

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    Which players on your teams roster have to step up or have key seasons to help your team forfill it's potential?

    So that people don't just reel off a list, name one player on offense, one on defense and one more from any area of the team.

    Be great if people could give reasons as to why they have selected the players they have too.

    Any for the [​IMG]

    Offense: Has to be Jason Campbell who has the starting QB role to himself, a full two off-seasons in the offense and a full off-season taking the snaps as the #1 guy. He'll have CP and Betts behind him to give him a strong running game but it's up to him to make the offense two dimensional and productive as a whole.

    Defense: Cornelius Griffin can make the Redskins DL, which got zero attention this off-season much to my dismay, at least respectable if he can get near his 2004 form. He has not missed any conditioning or training time due to injuries like last off-season which cost him in 2006. He can effect the defense both vs the pass and run and if the line plays better, the back seven should benefit.

    Bonus Choice: Shawn Suisham had a strong finish to 2006 and looks favourite to win the kicking job. The Skins have struggled at the kicker position for years and considering the amount of close ball games they have lost in recent times, a solid kicker could make a heck of a difference in the win/loss column.
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    Offense: No doubt it's Alex Smith the offense improved a lot last year, and we know how good Frank Gore is, so a lot of the success is going to depend on if Smith can improve as much this year as he did last year.

    Defense: I think Manny Lawson could have a huge impact, he showed some flashes last year. He should be a lot more comfortable at linebacker this year and if he can continue to learn he could be a big part of the sucess.

    Bonus Choice:
    Vernon Davis has a chance to make a big splash. We all know about his physical skills, but last year he had a problem holding onto the ball, also he didn't seem very comfortable in the offense. This year hopefully he can stay healthy and be able to become the threat he was expected to be.
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    Offense: Alex Smith...being in his third season he really needs to show everyone on the team and the coaches that he has a totally grasp of the offense. He needs to show the fans that he was indeed the best choice of the 49ers when he was drafted and he has to prove that the money that was paid to him was indeed earned.

    Defense: Shawntae Spencer...needs to comeback big time with all the secondary help being brought in he needs to realize that his job is in jeopardy and needs to really go after his job with a vengence.

    Bonus: Joe Staley...hopefully he will be good enough in camp and preseason to take Kwame Harris job away from him, we so need someone to step up.
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    For the 49ers Offense to reach their potential it probably wont be this year for the offense unless Smith Jackson and Davis all mesh really well together. You know Jackson will play his typical game but will Alex get him the ball(his favorite targets are guys that he has played with before) So i guess for the offense to reach its full potential it would have to be VD and AS as a package if AS blows up so will VD.

    For the niners Defense its going to have to be whoever wins the Mike Inside Linebacker job. Because they will be the captain of the defense basically the quarterback and if you have strong MILB play your defense will be good

    Bonus would be if mark roman had a career year
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    Offense:Alex Smith. Frank Gore's proven to be good, Alex is now in his 3rd year, there's a little more talent around him now and him playing well could make or break the team.

    Defense:Manny Lawson He'll be in his 2nd year and I've heard he's improved on his strength, which was something he lacked last year. He's definitley fast and athletic, just needs to get stronger, I think he might be able to prove that this year.

    Bonus Choice: Joe Staley I know he is a Rookie, but Kwame has been a pain for a few years now. Kwame gets knocked around a lot, which causes Alex Smith to get hit pretty often. So I'm hoping Staley can take Kwame's spot and play decently well.
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    Offense: Will the real Tony Romo please stand up? We need Romo to play like he did in November last year. Hopefully, the Seahawks game is way behind him and won't affect him mentally. He's due to a very lucrative extension, and he needs to prove his worth. He has the weapons, now he has the experience. There are no excuses.

    Defense: Wade Phillips' 3-4 will make the Cowboys defense one of the best in the league. But there are still question marks at the secondary. We need to develop a furious pass rush, and we can with Ware, Ellis and the Rookie Spencer. If they can do it, it will allow Roy Williams to play his game: blitz and stop the running game. But who will be the other safety?

    Bonus Choice:Offensive line. If Romo is going to shine, they're going to need to protect him. Leonard Davis must earn his paycheck on every single snap. He can be a pro-bowl guard. Marc Colombo must prove that last season wasn't a fluke.
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    Offense: Marques Colston has to prove that his great first year wasn't a fluke and has to step up and show that he is one of the best receivers in the league and QB Drew Brees' number 1 option. The receivers behind him will also be key in the offense. Devery Henderson and Terrance Copper stepped up down last season's stretch when Joe Horn was ridin' the bench. They will need to show that defenses need to focus on them too by being consistent passing options.

    Defense: New editions, Brian Simmons and Jason David need to help the defense considerably, with Simmons having to prove that he is the missing key to improving the Saints' linebacking group and David, coming from starting at CB for the Super Bowl Champion Colts, he will have to definitely improve our #2 CB spot over Fred Thomas from last season. These guys are already upgrades from last season's starters, but the key will be if they're play can translate successfully on the field.

    Bonus Choice: The stars of the Saints' defense are our friends at defensive end, Charles Grant and Will Smith. They will be the primary imposers on the defense, wrecking havoc on the QB and RB at the initial point of attack. With Chucky's power and awareness on one side and Will's quickness and awareness on the other, these young and talented ends will be a pick-your-poison tandem. Every offense should have respect for the Saints' defense because of these gentlemen, alone.
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    Offense: Vick. This offseason may have been a blessing in disguise. Vick has been more focused on football this offseason than ever before. He has been praised by the new coaching staff for his command of the team and the playbook. I think this is his year.

    Defense: We have some young guys that will have to step up, but I am hopeful Jimmy Williams shows us something at FS. He was considered a top CB/S talent when he was drafted, but our previous coaching staff was too loyal to the vets, and he hardly sniffed the field.

    Bonus Choice: Lots of ways to go here, but I think the Defensive Line is gonna be important to our success. With all the injuries last year, our run defense was pathetic. Zimmer is installing a more aggressive unit, and I think Jamaal Anderson will be an upgrade over Kerney in time, but the key will be keeping John Abraham and Rod Coleman on the field together.
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    Offense: Joseph Addai will be asked to shoulder a bigger load in the offense, meaning more carries and more touches. Will he be able to handle it? He was never a feature back in college, and has not been asked to carry the ball 15+ times per game at any point in his collegiate or professional career. He had a great rookie season, averaging nearly 5 yards per carry and becoming the only rookie RB in 2006 to break the 1000 yard mark, accomplishments he will hopefully build on in 2007.

    Defense: Bob Sanders is the key to the Colts' defense. He brings intensity and desire to what at times looked like a lifeless defense in his absence during the 2006 regular season. His role as "the eraser", as Tony Dungy likes to say, is also very vital to the scheme the Colts run. If Sanders is able to stay in the lineup, expect a far better performance from the Colts' defense than the 23rd rank in scoring defense they posted in the 2006 regular season.

    Bonus Choice: Anthony Gonzalez will be asked to fill the role Brandon Stokley departed from during the offseason after injuries forced him to miss most of the 2006 season. If Gonzalez is able to thrive in the role, the 2007 Colts' offense could resemble the 2004 version with its plethora of viable receiving threats and the best QB in the league distributing the ball to all of them.
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    Offense: A month ago I would have put McNabb in this spot. Since his rehab has gone so well and it looks like he'll be 100% or close to it, I'm going to go with Kevin Curtis. Can he give us the same big play ability that we had with Stallworth last year? How will he and McNabb mesh?

    Defense: Takeo Spikes. If he's completely healthy and plays to his former Pro Bowl level, it will make a huge difference in this defense. He makes what was our weakest spot on the team last year, a strength.

    Bonus Choice: Jevon Kearse. If he can play the way he did last year before getting hurt, this defense will terrorize opposing QBs. The defensive line was sick until he went down. I'm really hoping he can stay on the field and on top of QBs.
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    Offense: the offensive line. if it sucks like it did last year our whole offense can't do crap.

    defense: I am going with Nadmi if he can step it up and have another pro bowl year that secondary is going to be looking good again.

    Bouns Pick: LaMont Jordan needs to step up and get that running game going.
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    Offense:Chad Pennington. Period. He has to be healthy if the Jets are gonna think about contending with NE. and now that Thomas Jones is joining the Jets, look for Pennington to have a huge season.

    Defense:Kerry Rhodes, THE most underrated Safety in the NFL right now. The 3rd year player out of Louisville, since coming to the NFL, has become a superstar in the Jets D.

    Bonus Pick:Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. 2 of the most underrated WRs in the league.
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    Let's look at the Ravens:

    Offense: This is actually a very tough one, if you think of our key players on offense we actually have good depth behind all of them. Jon Ogden has Adam Terry behind him (though that would then bring a nobody in at right tackle), WR we run 3 deep, TE there's a drop off but combined efforts of Dan Wilcox and Quinn Sypniewski wouldn't cripple us, McGahee has Mike Anderson. The most crippling loss (though still not a huge one in my opinion) would probably be the loss of Steve McNair. Kyle Boller sits behind him and whilst he's not as composed as McNair he did set a 2-0 mark last year as a starter and looked 100% more composed than the caffeined up QB we're used to seeing in Boller. That said our 3rd down stats were noticeably improved under McNair's direction and long, grinding, efficient drives came into our arsenal and is something our D would hate to lose.

    Defense: This is pretty easy for me and it's Trevor Pryce. Our depth at DE in a conventional form is minimal from where I'm sitting. Pryce played at an all-pro level last year and through carrying less weight than his last few seasons in Denver he was a key contributor on all three downs for 60 minutes of every game. His loss would expose Jarret Johnson at DE and any time he's lined up with his and down for a full series or more he's been horribly exposed in my opinion, and combined with Adalius Thomas' departure that's an area of the D we don't need to be exposed.

    Bonus Pick: Jonathan Ogden simply because of how it would expose us at left tackle rather than the right side, we have pretty much no depth at tackle, so either Ogden or Terry going down isn't something I want to consider.
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    Offense: Rex Grossman you are going to see a big change in Grossman this coming season.Its his contract year and Da Bears want to see more for there money,if he wants to resign.
    Defense: Adewale Ogunleye he was almost invisable towards the end of last season.I know Ogun has been playing injuryed,but he has to be heathy at some time in his Bears career.
    Bonus Pick: Cedric Benson he has to step up to the plate and carry the load now that Jones has gone.IMO I dont see him lasting the whole season with out being injuryed at some point.A.Peterson and G.Wolfe need to be ready to help Benson with the rushing load.
  15. PSID412USM

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    Offence - Campbell - Can he step up to the plate?
    Defence - Andre Carter - He was dissapointing in 2006 he will need to improve.
    Bonus Choice - London Fletcher Baker - He a Williams guy I think he do big things this year.
  16. Buck Fenson

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    Offense The one to step up will have to be the tight end position. Be it E Johnson or Campbell or whoever. That is a position that has been lacking of late.

    Defense That one is two parter. Our linebacking corps has new faces. Good. Our corp has been sad and that is sad because our former coach was a linebacker and she couldn't spot talent at that position if her life depended on it. I would have to pick Simmons. And the other position is corner. I am hoping Young will step up and take over but I think it will be David. I just hope his man to man skills are as good as he says they are.

    Bonus Choice Would be Payton. He made some rookie head coach decisions last season. Let's see how he has improved.
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    Offense: It's gonna have to be Huard or Croyle (whichever one gets to be the starting QB)...Huard did a great job as Trent's backup last season, and hopefully he or Croyle can continue that this season.

    Defense: With Jared Allen suspended for the first 4 games, hopefully his backup will step up and make some of the same great plays.

    Bonus: The entire O-line needs to step up and make sure they protect the QB and LJ.
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    Key Offense: Matt Schaub If Kubes happens to be correct about this guy's potential for this year, then this season will be the best Houston has seen in a decade.

    Key Defense: Def. Linemen Mario is going to have to focus harder than ever if he doesn't want to be deemed a bust, and with new-found potential in Okoye and Weaver, the LB's will be able to play more coverage, helping the CB's.

    Key Bonus: Jacoby Jones/Kevin Walter Our WR2 is going to need to keep the defense from double-teaming AJ like has been in the past. Daniels should be able to relieve some short-yard pressure at TE.
  19. BoltsFanUK

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    Key Offense: LT...he needs to be healthy in order to have a sucessful running game this year

    Key Defense: Shawne Merriman...He will have a monster year but his shoulder could play a part in this season
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    Offense: I would have to say Romo. If he can be the QB he was in the first half of the season, the Cowboys would be great.

    Defense: The whole pass rush. The reason the Cowboys collapsed in the last half of the season was that they couldn't get to the QB. Hopefully, Wade Phillips can improve the defense.

    Added player: Roy Williams. If he can play closer to the line of scrimmage in the 3-4, he can create havoc for the opposing team offense.