Who are your teams ten best players?

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  1. Chrisbob

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    Who are they and if you like, what order would you put them in:


    1, Chris Samuels - One of the best in the league at his position and was on fire the 2nd half of last season.
    2, Clinton Portis - might have looked like he wasn't missed last year but he was. Is a team leader, can break some of those big holes for runs to the house and great blitz pick up
    3, Santana Moss - big play threat, speed baby!
    4, Randy Thomas - One of the most underrated guards in the league.
    5, Chris Cooley - Best TE in the league after the catch IMO. Should only get better.
    6, Marcus Washington - Leader type who plays all facets of the game well.
    7, London Fletcher - Newcomer but should make a difference.
    8, Cornelius Griffin - COming off an average year but when healthy, this teams only difference maker on the DL.
    9, Mike Sellers - Great blocker, can move about in formations and a special teams head hunter who sets the tone.
    10, Sean Taylor - Talent wise he's #1, but has struggled to put it all together.
  2. SRW

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    Tennessee Titans

    1. Vince Young, QB: In less than one year he made a statement with his leadership ability. He is the unquestioned leader of the Titans.
    2. Keith Bulluck, LB: One of the best OLB's in the NFL. Too bad he's played his best ball on some bad Tennessee teams and has been overlooked for post-season awards.
    3. Pacman Jones, CB: Amazing return skills and our best cover corner.
    4. Chris Hope, SS: Our best free agent pick up last year was our second best playmaker in the secondary and picked up the scheme faster than Tank Williams ever did.
    5. Kevin Mawae, C: Tough veteran leader on the o-line. His presence alone in the huddle was huge.
    6. Kyle Vanden Bosch, DE: Non stop motor on this guy is unreal. Too bad he was double and triple teamed thanks to no other threat on the other side.
    7. David Thornton, LB: Brought some more speed to the LB corp and was a steady, consistent player. He also showed how tough he was playing through a painful arm injury.
    8. David Stewart, OT: Strong as a bull and plays with a nasty streak. Sometimes his play is on the edge of the line but his play was key to the running game's revival.
    9. Albert Haynesworth, DT: When he wants to be he can be as dominating as any DT in the NFL. A huge load inside that is hard to move when he is motivated.
    10. Jacob Bell, OG: Unsung low draft pick who has stepped up and won a starting spot because of solid technique and effort.
  3. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    Dallas Cowboys

    1) DeMarcus Ware, OLB/DE. The best defender the Cowboys have had since the Super Bowl year in the 90's. A ferious pass rusher and pretty good at coverage.
    2) Terrell Owens, WR. Yeah, I'll admit it...the only true playmaker the Cowboys have on offense. If he can cut back on the dropped passes, he'll have an amazing 2007.
    3) Terence Newman, CB. A true shutdown corner. Nobody throws to his side, which maybe is why Anthony Henry gets exposed so many times.
    4) Jason Witten, TE. One of the best TEs in the NFL. He can run, he can catch and he can block. A very complete player.
    5) Andre Gurode, C. The best player in a very average OL. He finally had his break-thru year in 2006.
    6) Greg Ellis, DE/OLB. Maybe the best veteran player after T.O. When he went down, so did the Cowboys defense. We need him healthy.
    7) Tony Romo, QB. Of course, I'm talking about the November Romo. If he can regain that level, he'll become an elite NFL passer in no time.
    8) Marion Barber, RB. A great closer RB...looks like he an score any time he wants, but can he be a feature RB?
    9) Matt McBriar, P. He had the biggest punt average in the NFL since the 60's!! And not only has power, but an amazing accuracy.
    10) Roy Williams, SS. I still think he can be very good, but keeps having issues on coverage. He needs another safety to help in that so he can do his thing, which is stop the running game.
  4. DawkinsINT

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    Tough question. Here's my guesses...

    1.) Shawn Andrews -OG. This kid is a beast. He's a road grater.
    2.) Brian Dawkins - FS. A Hall Of Famer who still has gas in the tank. He sets the tone.
    3.) Brian Westbrook - RB. Hand it off to him or pass the rock his way, he makes plays.
    4.) Donovan McNabb - QB. Even with the turnstile of receivers, he's always successful.
    5.) Jon Runyan - OT. Toughness, skill, and attitude.
    6.) William Thomas - OT. Tra. The other bookend that makes this one of the best lines in the NFL.
    7.) Reggie Brown - WR. He makes plays and constantly improves.
    8.) Sheldon Brown - CB. He doesn't make the big INT's that Lito does, but he's really good man-on-man to allow blitz schemes.
    9.) David Akers - K. I hate throwing a kicker in here, but he's one of the best in the league.
    10.) Trent Cole - DE. If Kearse could stay healthy, he would rank really high here. He can't however. Cole really attacks. If he continues to get better, watch out!
  5. Chrisbob

    Chrisbob Fuck Dallas

    Glad you put Barber in there instead of Julius Jones who I think is an all or nothing runner. I'm a little surprised you didn't find a place for Jason Ferguson though who I thought looked really good last year when all around him disappointed a little (Canty and Spears).
  6. Sweets

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    Hey, that's not fair....we don't have 10 ya bastard CB :x
  7. Fez

    Fez Chicharooney!!!

    Bwahahahaha. :lol: He'll only be #1 on Leonard Davis' heart. :mrgreen:


    Anyway... back to the non-homer zone. My list would look like this:

    1) Frank Gore, RB. Smallish but powerful runner who can break tackles with the best of them and run both inside and outside the Ts. Also a great catcher out of the backfield. Aside from his durability concerns from the past, I think the biggest knock on him is his breakaway speed which is lacking. He can take it 30, 40 yards downfield but will get caught from behind.
    2) Bryant Young, DE. Long-time stud as a defensive tackle and the last remaining player of our last SB win in 1994. Moved to DE when we switched to the 3-4 defense and has equally thrived. Still a key part of the D line and a great leader.
    3) Larry Allen, OG. Old as hell, but still efficient. A 75% of Larry Allen is better than 110% of other OGs around the league. One of the reasons why Frank Gore was able to blossom in only his second year.
    4) Nate Clements, CB. A proven, physical cornerback hitting his prime. Just what the doc ordered for a WR-loaded division.
    5) Brandon Moore, LB. It is no coincidence that our defense started playing a lot better when he became a starter. A force to be reckoned with on the interior part of our LB corps. Can you believe he was undrafted?
    6) Manny Lawson, LB. Came to the league as a pass rusher who happened to be too light to play everydown DE on a 4-3 so he was a good fit as a 3-4 DE. Not only has he showed he can rush the QB; when we turned to the 4-3 scheme in a pinch, he performed very well at a position he had no experience at (4-3 OLB), taking responsibilities that aren't too common for guys like him.
    7) Walt Harris, CB. This redskins reject had no place on Danny Boy's roster because he was a no-namer. Turned out to be our best defensive back last season. Great cover man and veteran presence.
    8) (Tie) C Eric Heitmann/OG Justin Smiley, OL. The other two parts of the interior OL weren't too shabby either. When it was clear the great Jeremy Newberry wouldn't be able to play at a high level again, Heitmann took his job and was determined to learn a lot about pre-snap calls and being a leader there. Smiley is probably seeing his last season as a 49er because he's a free agent after 2007 and will demand a lot of cash that the FO won't be willing to pay, but is still a great option for a team looking for a technician G in the mold of Eric Steinbach.
    9) Vernon Davis, TE. Still too low on my list because his broken leg didn't let him develop the way we expected. When he came back he became a nice target for Alex Smith and has the potential to become one of the best all around TEs in the league. He can catch (well, he dropped some easy passes, but still...), run after the catch and block.
    10) Moran Norris, FB. Terribly underrated blocking FB who helped pave the way for Gore. Took the job from Chris Hetherington when it wasn't clear who was the best option for the niners, and never gave it away afterwards. On the season finale against Denver he showed he can run with the ball too, scoring on a long passing play.

    Honorable mentions: K Joe Nedney, P Andy Lee. and LS Brian Jennings. The first two have overcome the difficulty of kicking the ball in the wild winds of Candlestick, while Jennings is the best in the business.

    Missed the cut: LB Derek Smith. :lol:
  8. Fez

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    We do, if we dig deep enough. :oops:
  9. Sweets

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    I guess I need a bigger shovel. :lol:
  10. SRW

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    That kid is an absolute monster. He's this generation's Larry Allen IMO.
  11. Chrisbob

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    Agree, him and Jason Peters are the two best young OL men in the league IMO.
  12. Omen

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    Pretty hard to argue with that TJ

  13. Roy31

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    1. Owens
    2. Ware
    3. Witten
    4. Barber
    5. Romo
    6. Leonard Davis
    7. Newman
    8. Folk
    9. Jenkins
    10. Felix
  14. Ridin Burgundy

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    Well a year on I would replace Marcus and Taylor with Rocky and Landry then Sellers for Carter.
  15. bizell

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    dunno their order, will be back later to edit and show the order:

    lee evans
    marshawn lynch
    marcus stroud
    donte whitner
    jason peters
    terrence mcgee
    roscoe parrish
    aaron schobel
    paul posluszny
    brian moorman
  16. lruddicks

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    1. Tony Gonzalez: he is the best tight end in the game and a leader on and off the feald.
    2. Larry Johnson:he struggled last year and some this year but getting going now and with herms style of clock management LJ is important.
    3. Brian Waters: offensive line ancor enough said.
    4. Dwayne Bowe:the future of KC, and a awsome reciever.
    5. Benard Pollard: He is every where on the field.
    6. Derrick Johnson: he is going to be great
    7. Glenn Dorsey: he is a beast and is going the be a probowl player.
    8. Brandon Albert: if he stays healthy he is the future with bowe.
    9. Jamal Charles: he is a great compliment to LJ.
    10. Tomba Hali: big part of our defence
    yes all young players and a few rookies but thats all we got, and no QB on list becuase we're not sure what we got in a QB.
  17. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    1. Ben Roethlisberger
    2. James Harrison
    3. Santonio Holmes
    4. Aaron Smith
    5. James Harrison
    6. Hines Ward
    7. Heath Miller
    8. Troy Polamalu
    9. Ike Taylor
    10. Willie Parker
  18. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    No love 4 Trent?
  19. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    1. Andre Johnson
    2. Mario Williams
    3. Demeco Ryans
    4. Steve Slaton
    5. Owen Daniels
    6. Eric "Caveman" Pitts
    T-7. Sage Rosenfels
    T-7. Matt Schaub
    9. Kris Brown
    10. Will Demps (too bad everybody around him SUCKS! :wild: )

    5391. Richard Smith
  20. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    1 Nnamdi
    2 Morrison
    3 Burgess
    4 Howard
    5 Fargas
    6 Higgins
    7 Zach Miller
    8 D Hall
    9 DMAC
    10 JaMarcus