Who Wants One?

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    What is that? :icon_confused:
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    "Everyone keeps talking about how nice he was. He was not nice," the woman said.
    The woman - who asked not to be identified - told reporter Ari Hait that people who were with Roethlisberger invited her into the VIP area of the the Capital City club. "A bunch of big guys were like, 'Come back in here,' and I was like, I'm just trying to have fun, whatever," she said. "He bought a round of shots for girls and said, 'All you snitches, take my shots,' and I got pissed because that's very rude and disrespectful to call girls a bunch of snitches," she said.

    SPORTSbyBROOKS Big Ben To Girls: ‘All You Babyes, Take My Shots’

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    That's great...
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    haha, ben is a douche
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    So then what is the proper name for call girls? :icon_confused:
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    Ahh Ben...hahaha
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    Crap will come back to haunt you. Ben seems to have a very low tolerance to alcohol. Big Boy can not hold his liquor and then thinks with the wrong head.
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    Party Bus for 11 hours and still standing? That's holding my liquor in my book...lol...
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    i want one
    true story
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    ladies maybe
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    Is everything a joke with you? We're trying to be serious here.
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    hood rats
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    I want one.
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    Cum dumpsters.