Whos Better?

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Whos The Better Cornerback?

  1. Asante Samuel

  2. Nate Clements

  1. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    Who do you guys think is the better Cornerback Asante Samuel or Nate Clements? Explain yourselves as well.
    (Not counting the niners fans votes because their all a bunch of homers.)

    5'10, 185 lbs
    26 Years Old
    2006: 15 Games -- 64 Tackles -- 10 Ints -- 14 Pass Def -- 1 FF

    6'0, 209 lbs
    27 Years Old
    2006: 16 Games -- 70 Tackles -- 3 Ints -- 1 TD -- 16 Pass Def -- 2 FF
  2. DoubleC

    DoubleC i'm ready now...

    Right now, I think Samuel is better but I sure hope Clements will surpass him.
  3. Stockers

    Stockers Duck Fuke

    I think Samuel reads the game better and has the superior closing speed, so I take Samuel. Though everytime else I've said this Patriots fans have waded in and told me he's overrated and a product of the system. It'll be interesting to see how Clements fairs in San Fran with a different front seven system in front of him.
  4. misfitz

    misfitz Dropping Twitter Bombs

    I think Clements is better and im not being a homer on this.

    Clements is much better in run support and a bigger hitter. He jams the line better and is more physical. Samuel had 10 picks but thats the only thing he had more of but maybe clements is so low because they rarely throw to his side? Walt Harris had 7 ints does that make him better then Clements..............nope i dont use ints to determine whos better i look at how they cover and how they play and i just think Clements is better
  5. bandi

    bandi Hall Of Famer

    I think it's Samuel.
  6. frost

    frost Irreverent Bastard

    Not even a homer vote for me.
  7. Jimmy's Dignity

    Jimmy's Dignity Wackbagger Extraordinare

    I like Clements better because it seems that he's spent a lot of time in man coverage. To me, that really determines who's a better corner...you can get by with a mediocre corner in a good zone coverage system
    yeah, that's what I've always thought
  8. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    I'm a 49er fan but far from being a freaking homer. I don't know much about Samuels but cfreaking the stats from each from 2003 on and I'd say the stats favor Clements who didn't play for a Super Bowl contender since 2003. He has Samuels beat in pretty much every category including TD's.
  9. Dam8610

    Dam8610 Starter

    Of course they will, they think they're losing him at year's end.
  10. FZ06

    FZ06 Random Guy

    I'm going with number 22...
    Holy crap, it happened again!
  11. RedskinsNo.1

    RedskinsNo.1 R.I.P Sean Taylor

    Samuels for me
  12. Platoon 86

    Platoon 86 Loony

    Call me a homer all you want.....

    Clements is the better CB IMO. Their season difference is only by 2 years. Clements averages more tackles than Samuels if you take a look at their stats. Samuels had a better year than Clements last year, that's true but he isn't a better cornerback than Clements. Clements has also been more healthy playing wise than Samuels, Clements has played all 16 games in 6 NFL seasons. Samuels isn't injury prone or anything either but his stats haven't been as consistent as Clements.' Samuels is in no way better than Clements other than 1 Season. Samuels benefited from the Patriots Front 7 NE puts out on the field while Clements has played consistently even with The Bills horrible Defensive Lines. Clements is fluid in stopping the run, decent in coverage, and can lay down a good hit. I don't know much on Samuels character or influence with the team but I know Clements is well liked by teamates and coaches. Is Clements overpaid?: Yeah, I'd say he's a little overpaid. Clements is one of the better Cornerbacks in the league though IMO.
  13. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    Dude, watch some tape on the two. Asante has quicker feet, is faster and can maintain man to man coverage for a longer period of time. You hardly ever see him get burnt, the only argument you guys bring to the table is "New Englands front 7 is better blah blah blah". Clements would make a better Free Safety sure, but hes not a better Cornerback.
  14. truelife

    truelife 6-0 is our goal

    kinda odd that the one season of stats you devided to include is arguably samuels best season as a pro. i think samuel is a good corner but he really became big this past year with his performance and then of course how he played in playoffs for the pats. i think clements has been a real good corner for a couple of years now so i voted for him
  15. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    i am going with nate on this one, he gets more tackles and more passes defensed. and like some one else mentioned he probably comes away with less picks because they don't throw at him as much.
  16. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    And because hes a buckeye. Clearly thats your reasoning... Its okay just admit it.
  17. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    i'm not going to lie that played a huge part of it yes
  18. JaMarcus#2

    JaMarcus#2 Starter

    Im a total neutral on this but my vote would go to Clements by quite some distance. Troy Brown has looked a decent CB in the Pats system and Nate hits like a truck.
  19. Omen

    Omen Speeling Be Champions Staff Member

    funny i keep hearing about how he hits like a truck and is great in run support so that makes him better.....
    i know of a safety that does that very well and is tabbed at over rated
  20. yisman

    yisman The Ambivalent One

    well, if you can't maintain deep coverage, how hard you hit doesn't matter much :icon_wink: