Who's is the greatest RB of all time.

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    I'm not sure why you feel any of that was a knock against him, unless you think he was a modern day player time traveled back to that era. Modern era players have had sports medicine to make them better athletes. Imagine if he was trained the way modern players are. Monster.

    He didn't just have his size to overpower defenses. He had quickness, great hands and vision receiving out of the back field, and could even throw nice passes out of half-back options.

    If he were trained in the modern era physically, he would be scary good.

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    The play at 1:29 has been forever etched in memory as how he got that defender completely turned around like that. Insane ankle dexterity and quad strength. I heard a rumor, back then, that after games he'd go and do hundreds of squats. He was a monster in his own right
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    His strength was probably the thing people spoke least about too...
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    Sure Brown equaled the size of defensive players in his era, but that shouldn't diminish his accomplishments. His size and strength and skills were meant to dominate when he played. I only wish I could have seen him play in person and yes, imagine if he played today...
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    which is why he is one of but not the greatest. Sorry but the ones with the most stats always wins. Greatest ever are Brett Favre and Emmitt Smith. It doesn't matter what opinion you have ( :icon_cheesygrin: this is fun time guys,dont have a hissy fit) the fact is number one in stats means number one..theres no if/but/maybe/what if/...you own the stats = you own the rank. Barry Sanders is the football equivalent of a Dominique Wilkins...he was fun to watch and got good numbers and all,but so what? it amounted to nothing for Detroit . It got him in the Hall and that's great enough as it is.

    and...I don't give a damn how limited Bo Jackson's stats are...he belongs in the Hall so people remember him for the fantastic multi-sport jock he was.

    Him and Deion Sanders are in a class by themselves...with Jim Thorpe

    and don't forget
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    To clarify, it's not his size that I have an issue with, so much as his size relative to the opposition...and that differential, combined with all the traits you mentioned (none of which I am denying whatsoever) really made it (relatively) easy for him, compared to guys who came later and who play today. Even at 5'9" 190, he probably would have been an amazing back, still an all time great with his talent, but coming out of the backfield with all that and being roughly the weight and strength of a defensive tackle is what really put him head and shoulders above anyone else at the time and cemented his legend.

    I mean, today it would be comparable to Adrian Peterson, playing at like a yoked out 290lbs, but still just and fast and agile as he has ever been. He'd probably double the rushing totals of his nearest competitors season in and out, and still have people all twitterpated over him fifty years in the future, just like Brown. He'd be unstoppable.

    And yes, I agree that Brown would probably still be amazing today with modern training and preparation. But I don't think he'd be at that entire other level he was on in his real career, personally.
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    No man, he was terrible inside the tackles, just watch the tape.

    :30, 1:06, 1:23, 1:36, 1:50, 2:30 - might be the worst display inside the tackles I've ever seen, 3:15...heck I can't keep listing them all, this is disgusting.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DcHoF0Gjao]Barry Sanders Highlights - YouTube[/ame]
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    Here's what gets me

    1 everyone always likes to say that emmitt ran behind a monster line, fact I agree
    2 he had great/good team mates to Complement him. Fact -Troy, Irvin and moose to name a couple
    Offensive rookie of the year 4x rushing title

    for holding the record for most yds a couple of rushing titles and some Super Bowl rings and the current #2 all time Tds

    So this is a knock on him

    Yet these arguments against emmitt aren't used or hold same weight when measuring the greatest WR of all time

    Jerry Rice. Why is emmitt different why does the measuring stick change.

    Rice played for great line that protected a HOF QB to get the ball to Rice
    Played with great/good team mates Montana, Craig , John Taylor, Rathman

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    yes, its actually more impressive to get that many yards when the ball can easily go to someone else and often did. ...the reason Walter and OJ and Barrry got the ball so many times is because they were the only offense the team had in the first place LOL...when you get more first downs you get the opportunity to get the ball more....being a great runner on a losing team is less impressive all around...Adrian Peterson is great but I don't care because he isn't on a team good enough for it to be interesting
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    Because when you watched Rice play in his prime, it was very clear that he was a very special player, and considerably beyond his peers in most aspects of the game. He was one of those guys like Barry Sanders was sometimes, who seemed to know what was going to happen before it did, and made it look like he was playing a few ticks ahead of everyone else on the field, whatever it is. Total natural, like once in a generation player.

    It helped that he had Montana and Young, to be sure, but he was also dominant with the likes of Jeff Kemp, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, etc., with 2 different teams in a few different offenses in 2 different conferences.

    He played 19 seasons and was still one of the best in the league in his SEVENTEETH SEASON.

    Emmitt was very good, but he wasn't on that level. Fun to watch if your teams not playing him, really freaking good player and one of the best of his time but not conversation for best of all time.
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    bullshipski lol
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    Emmitt Smith, although a great RB, had the luxury of running behind some of the best O-Lines in the NFL. Put him in a Lions uniform or a Browns uniform and it's extremely hard to imagine that his stats would be nearly as gawdy as they are. Smith was part of a great system put together by Johnson during the Cowboys heyday. He still owns the rushing record which he deserves, but that alone isn't the only barometer in crowning someone as the best of all time.
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    So rice is the greatest WR due to him having to play Montana, young, Rathman.. Put him in 80s 90s Tampa team and we wouldn't know who rice was.

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    then its harder to get that many yards when the team is better all around ,...see how it works ? Barry Sanders wasn't a greater runner, he just got the ball more therefore got lots of yards...i'm comparing to other great runners,not runners who suck who get the ball a lot haha
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    Payton or Brown for me

    Sanders was fun to watch, but he tore bad defenses and chocked in big games. He is the HB equality lent of Tony Romo. It's also not really true that he played on bad teams with horrible lines his carrer. Incorrect. His team or lines just weren't as good as Emmits. Great back yes. Best. No

    Emmitt. Biggest accomplishment is playing at a high level for a long time. Not something to be dismissed, but doesn't make him the greatest. Had maybe one season where he was the best back in the NFL. Wasn't even the best Cowboy back. Dorset was better

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    Faulk 100% healthy was the perfect HB. Problem is he was too injury prone and had too few complete seasons.

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