Why 49erGenius Doesn't Attend Games

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    You're 100% right. If we had a SMARTER OWNER< he would've FIRED his GM/COAch in MIKE NOLAN for FREAKING UP THE DRAFT! Now we got Erickson and Donahue back at the helm in Nolan and McCloughan. Scot McCloughan is Nolan's little buddy like Donahue and Erickson were friends. I hope we do what Mike Ditka did years ago, trade all the picks for somebody that will FLOP on the team, and then Nolan is out the door for sure. I wish the NFL took ALL the Pats picks away, why bother with them? Just retain everybody on the team.

    And I'm a good 49er fan. :angel:
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    I've never even gone to a 49ers game.:icon_redface: Can't get tickets since 80 bucks is a ripoff price, and the park is in bad shape with overstuffed bathroom.:icon_eek: Going there is like taking a walk on the Tenderloin.

    Back on subject:
    Screw Pats and Screw Chargers. I bet the Chargers lie down and play dead! freak the NFL in general too for letting this crap happen. Now I got to blow 30 bucks on a Madden, thanks a freaking lot for making me blow my money.:icon_frown:
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    No the biggest insult going is John York and his wife Denise Debartolo York. After Eddie Jr lost the team and his sister stole it from him the 49ers have gone downhill.
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    WRong. If Norv turner had any FAITH in this team, he should have stuck around to continue tutoring Alex Smith, I will put the blame on Turner if we lose Alex Smith. New England should not have been spying PERIOD! It's like Marion Jones and Barry Bonds BOTH lying about the steroids. That's why Spygate is like an * on a record. You want to put an * on all sports, be my freaking guest because what New England did is a slap in the face to go 16 and 0 and it's a tainted 16 and 0. They want to go 64 and 0 to convince me they're a good team, be my freaking guest for that's the only way I'll ever acknowledge any respect for the Pats. They can try to be the next DeLaSalle and win over 100 games and lose none of them, and then you can watch the NFL be disrespected!

    If the NFL had any brains, they tell John York to sell the 49ers! Otherwise, they will go to Los Angeles, and nothing the NFL or Feinstein or boxer can do to stop it unless they make John York sell the team.

    freak Pats! Screw Pats! Screw Pats! And Screw Norv Turner! freak the NFL and Goodell for bringing me a freaking weak NFC West.
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    you stole my old avatar.

    didn't the niners get caught cheating ? an offense that was so bad that someone had to leave the team ?
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    Very good point....I believe they did. Imo circumventing the salary cap is 10 times worse than getting a little video footage of your opponent.....(which I think every team in the hecken league does!) If memory serves me correct the Broncos and the Niners were caught cheating pretty close together.....shouldn't their be asterisks by their SB wins???:icon_rolleyes:
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    Wow, you've never been to a 49ers game? That is insane, you live there. I've been to a game there and I live in DC, if I lived there I would go to every home game. What kind of fan are you? You have been a fan for 27 years and havent gone, you owe it to yourself to go to a game. Unless you cant go because you're in a mental institution or something.
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    Ding...Ding...Ding! You win! Well if he isn't he should be.:icon_thumright:
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    There was no Salary Cap PRIOR to the 49ers winning their Superbowls. The Salary Cap, the realignment, the crap scheduling was not put in place until sometime IN THE 90s! And before you go on accusing the 49ers of cheating, they were a better organization where losing was not tolerated. It did not matter about the coaching, losing was not accepted.

    And Steady, old bean, I need something to live on chico. I spend my hard earned money on a 49ers game, I won't be able to eat for over a week. I don't work 5 days a week now. I don't see you spending your 1000 bucks to fly out from the East Coast to attend a 49ers game, you know, 1000 buck round trip ticket, plus your 49er ticket. Besides, you got a problem with me not going to the 49ers game, I'll give you the phone number of my friend you can whine to. Maybe you can give her some information in how to get a 49ers ticket since you seem to be the expert.:icon_eek:

    Oh, and don't worry about transportation. The bus charges 7.50 each way to a 49ers game, but why ride a bus if you got no 49ers ticket? Think I want to sit in some fruit bar?
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    They still cheated, and using your logic should have an asterisk placed next to every achievment that happened before and after that moment! Convenient for you to talk about other teams cheating when your team was the one that invented ways around the cap. :eek:hboy:
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    Then put an * on Joe Montana if it makes you happy then when the 49ers beat your team. I never seen such a crybaby that won't listen to the facts! IF the playoffs were simple, I wouldn't be talking about it. Those games were a RIPOFF and an INSULT to put 2 jokes in the Chargers and Giants against 2 teams that can kick their butt and pile on 50 points when it's all said and done. I bet the Packers RB will put up 250 yards on the Gmen. Tom Brady will pass for 500 yards against San Diego's lack of a pass rush defense. When you provide nothing on defense, you just gave your entire game away. Hurt teams do nothing more then try to be Rudy wannabes. well against a healthy team, the Rudy will not work. I'll actually be happy to see both san Diego and New York go home as the losers that they are. It'll teach them a lesson that when they are supposed to lose in the playoffs, you lose! Just get the crap Superbowl over with. If the packers don't win the Superbowl over the Pats, THE WHOLE FREAKING NFL IS RIGGED! Goodell better FIX IT!
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    you cry too freaking god **mn much

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    haha, the 9ers cheated

  14. DoubleC

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    I barely heard about that so I made a little research and here's what I found:
    No Super Bowl involved. The 49ers had to forfeit third- and fifth-round picks and pay a fine of $600,000 to $1 million.

  15. smeags

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    yeah and the niners won a super bowl in 94 and did it largely due to the fact that they cheated. remember the name of the guy who had to leave the organization because of it ?
  16. DoubleC

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    Read the post above yours, smeagle.:redface:
  17. smeags

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    it says specifically the 97 season but not limted to.

    the niners were cheaters, plain and simple. you can try to spin it anyway you choose to but the simple truth is the niners cheated so it seems hypocritical for a niners fan out of any to rip the pats.
  18. DoubleC

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    Maybe the reason why it says specifically the '97 season is because they didn't find anything wrong about the others. :dontknow: :snitchslap:

    The 49ers were perennial cheaters... yeah right.
    And where did I rip the Pats? FYI, I want them to go 19-0.
  19. smeags

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    here's the quote you posted.

    The council, according to those people, will most likely conclude that there is sufficient evidence to believe that serious violations did occur during Policy's reign, specifically in 1997.

    that is not saying there were "only" violations in 1997. it's staing that was the wosre they found.

    never said they were and never pointed you out. intelligence would lead one to think i was speaking of the thread starter.
  20. DoubleC

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    Well, as I said, I was barely aware of this matter. So, I guess they fund enough evidence for the '97 season but not for the others and presumption of innocence prevailed. :dontknow: