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  1. TJ

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    I never ask for fantasy advice and I'm not a paid member...but I'm in the middle of a rare playoff push and I really want to get the monkey off my back.

    If anybody sees this, I need to choose three WRs among these four:

    Devante Adams
    Amari Cooper
    Julio Jones
    Tyreek Hill

    I thought about benching Cooper, but the thrash time boost seems to enticing to pass. Adams is my second choice given the Packers losing streak. I think the only one 100% I'm not benching is Hill. What do you think?

    This is a yahoo standard PPR league. 8-team league, which explains how I ended up with such top WRs.
  2. Kurt

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    I'd bench Cooper. He is wildly inconsistent and Dallas is a run first team. Not to mention the Saints can easily take him out of the game. Look at what they have done in the last 5 weeks to top tier WR's.
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