WR Aquan Boldin Indicates He Is Re-Signing With The 49ers

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    49er fans, I wanted to be the first to tell you that I’m returning to San Francisco.

    Looking forward to joining my teammates, coaching staff and fans to bring back another championship to the Bay Area.

    Let’s go after our Quest For Six.


    Nice to hear some good news out of the Bay this off season
  2. Walnuts

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    Niiiiiiiice. Now go up and get Evans.

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    I'm kinda pulling for Beckham...
  4. Walnuts

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    EVANS. And sign Mack.

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    Issues I have with Evans are: I think it'll cost too much to move up to grab him and he's very similar to what Crab and Boldin do already. I think we need another burner to help stretch defenses more. And though LMJ is mostly solid as a returner, he's not a real threat to break one. In my opinion, Beckham is a much better version of what the Niners thought they were going to get from AJJ + return ability. And we do need a CB and/or safety because Brown and Whitner are probably gone
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    We have a ton of ammo to move up with and few holes to fill, we literally have too many picks to roster so something has to happen there. Might as well trade up. I disagree that Evans is similar to Crabtree. Boldin maybe, but he's a younger, bigger version, with plenty of speed to get behind defenses. Having a "burner" is highly overrrated anyway, IMO. Would you rather add Mike Wallace or Vince Jackson/Alshon Jeffery? I'll take Jeffery 100% of the time and twice on Sunday, in any scenario.

    I don't think CB is that huge of a need whether Brown walks or not, and I don't think he's going to be too expensive to keep or anything, anyway. Cully will be back and I'm fine with Cully/Brock/Rogers/whoever. Could it be upgraded, yes, but I'd much rather go with Evans.
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    Cook >>>>>>>>>> Beckham if your looking that burner

    I actually prefer Lee to Evans. I like Lees inside/outside game, he can do tons of damage outside or in the slot

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    I read this a week ago and it got the wheels turning more about the type of player the FO will be targeting more and more from here on out. That's part of the reason I'd go with a player like Beckham or Cooks over Evans. Cooks is impressive. Certainly faster and high points the ball kind of like Steve Smith, but Beckham is a bit bigger in height and size to deal with some of the bigger CBs a little better. I'd wonder if Cooks is strong enough in press coverage to get into his routes. Also SEC defenses are faster and tougher,
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    Agree with @Walnuts here. I'd go so far as to say that if Evans is available at #20, I would prefer the Cards take him over addressing some need like OT or QB and let Fitz go to some contender.......other than SF of course. Although Evans doesn't have that "elite" speed, 4.55 in his underwear ain't bad. 6'5", 225 lbs, great hands and a good route runner. IMO, he's the real deal. Now that Boldin's wrapped up for two more years, the thought of Boldin + Crabtree + Evans is downright scary.

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    I like Evans a lot too, just don't think he makes it to twenty. And even though SF has lots of picks, it's not Baalke's MO to package enough to move to the spot high enough in the draft to grab Evans. I'd be very surprised if he did
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    Uhhhh, haaaaaay buddy!!!

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    ...JUST SAYIN, YO!

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