WR Michael Crabtree To Re-Enter 2010 Draft?

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by CP26, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. russian.tank

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    he could play in the UFL if he decided to hold out and prove he's a top 5 pick.
  2. ollysj

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    He will come back with a new name too: Craptree
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  4. epinesett

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    my thoughts exactly, a rookie salary cap would bring a stop to all these unproven players (that sometimes end up being BUST) asking for Millions and Millions of dollars, plus these agents are the one provoking this anyway!!!
  5. 86WARD

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    A regular Bo Jackson...lol.
  6. mike oxlong

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    homework? by picking a guy purely on speed and research that it was obvious that he has hands that resemble drew bledsoe's feet

    yeah he is getting better at dropping passes on a regular basis

    yeah, isn't it funny that your top pick hasn't even passed a guy on the depth chart that hasn't even practiced yet (walker)
  7. nastynate184

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    your no freaking bo jackson dumbass you have bust written all over yourself please reenter last year and end up like mike williams douche bag
  8. 86WARD

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    lol...like I said before, Cleveland got the best receiver in the draft.
  9. Androidraider24

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    Yeah you know several teams and sources said Crabtree had a diva attitude. The Raiders went with a more stable headed young man that has alot of potential and a very good work ethic.

    He is doing better day by day. Morons like you dont understand that a rookie WR is in camp working hard getting better.

    DHB, receivers catching on - Inside the Oakland Raiders - A look inside the world of the highly classified Oakland Raiders from the writers of ANG Newspapers

    "How about 16 passes targeted, 14 receptions. No. 11 was a one-handed snag near the sideline. One of the misses was on a low pass, the other could well have been a pass interference penalty on Chris Johnson, with the ball falling to the ground. "

    How do you know what the depth chart is. Your some guy posting crap on the internet. Your not a pro scout , you watch a couple of highlight tapes and read some water down scouting reports from college and you think you know what a guy is going to do as a pro.
  10. mj1987us26

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    Then they should have picked Maclin. But to suggest that this was known to happen is just crazy and wrong.

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    Watch the personal attacks guy.
  11. Sweets

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    Enough about the Raiders and DHB, this thread is about Crabtree and only Crabtree.
  12. Mike

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    wtf is he gonna do if he sits out a year
    play with himself

    this is stupidity on a new level of stupidty
  13. Harvs01

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    guys, his agent didn't even make these statements, Crabtree's cousin who is his "advisor" did. His agent last I've heard is actually annoyed by the cousin's comments. Crabtree will sign, he's being a baby because he knows the Raiders hecked him by drafting DHB and freaking up his payday because Crabtree was drafted later in the round. Crabtree is a much better WR, but being drafted later means less money, suck it up douchebag, take the money.
  14. Sweets

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    again, this topic is about Michael Crabtree not DHB...move on people nothing to see here.
  15. Roy31

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    I don't think this needs to be said, but I'll say it anyways... Crabtree is a prima donna.
  16. The Manster

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    It happens but not all that often. There are rules in place that keep the 49ers from trading the rights to another team. I do not the specifics but when the Chargers were having trouble signing Jammer people were asking about Dallas trading for him but JJ said that they could not.

    He was playing baseball at that time so it was not a certain thing that he would play football. Does the name Craig Erickson mean anything to you? The eagles drafted him in the 5th round in '91 but could not sign him so he reentered the draft the next year he was picked in the 4th.
  17. mike oxlong

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    Oh i remember him, it was crazy that he was taken by the bucs a round earlier in 1992. I thought he would go undrafted after his unsucessful pairing with the Eagles. He actually had a half decent year in 1993 with over 3,000 yards and 18 TD's. Man, nice pull on that one.
  18. Jihad Joe

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    I honestly never saw him beating out Morgan or Hill......ever
  19. The Manster

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    Thanks I do what I can.
  20. K Train

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    i dont really think your hate for him is justified....he could definitely becomea solid starter, im not saying 10th overall good, not 20 million dollars good but to say ever isnt really fair