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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by eilefson, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. eilefson

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    with the recent drop of AB from Oakland, would you drop S Watkins (KC) for T Williams (OAK)?
  2. Kurt

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    Yes... no... yes.. NO!.. well YES!! err or no?

    Assuming this is team #3.. you are already stacked at WR and can gamble. Williams is more a deep ball guy but produced well in 2016 when Allen went down in week 1. Williams finished the season somewhere around 65 catches for 1000'ish yards and 7 touchdowns. I'd say that's about where he should wind up in Oakland with Brown gone.

    Diggs seems to have about the same potential (probably 1 or 2 more touchdowns if he plays 1 games) and here we are week 1 and he's already questionable with a hamstring.

    Man it's a touch call.. wish you had a "lesser" of a player to drop so you could stash Williams to see how it pans out this week... but hey it's a 10 team league so the waiver wire is probably pretty deep.. maybe no one else is watching Williams?