WR Ted Ginn Jr. Was A Last-Minute Choice To Return Kickoffs

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    49ers coach Jim Harbaugh revealed to The Sacramento Bee on Monday that Ginn was a last-minute choice to return kickoffs in San Francisco's opener Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Rookie Kendall Hunter handled most kick returns in the preseason and Harbaugh said the 49ers decided to go with Ginn over Hunter the day before the game, mostly because of his experience. "A guy back there has to have a cool head, make good decisions," Harbaugh told The Bee. Seattle coach Pete Carroll certainly seemed surprised. "Honestly, we didn't think Teddy Ginn was going to play," Carroll said after the game. "Teddy's got a real style about him. He didn't play much in the preseason and he got running around us."

    Source: NFL.com
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    Too bad Harbaugh hasnt made a good decision about the QB slot.