Wrestlemania 28

Discussion in 'Wrestling Talk' started by TheDuke, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. TheDuke

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    Sunday, April 1st
    Miami, Florida
    Sun Life Stadium

    John Cena vs. The Rock
  2. ragman

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    Wonder when they're coming to Jerry World. That will probably be for WM 30.
  3. TheDuke

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    It's about that time where we start thinking about the "Road To Wrestlemania." There are a few PPV's in the meantime that will start assembling the pieces of this complicated event but by the time it happens it will all be worth it. To kick it off, a rumor or 2!

    Hmm? I know I WOULDN'T like to see that match again. They need a gimmick match with Taker and Kane, end of that story!
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  5. andy82

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    I couldn't care less for Undertaker-Triple H III, it hasn't anywhere near the emotion invested in it like the matches with HBK did.

    I'd honestly prefer to see The Miz get a shot at the streak, at least it wouldn't be wasted on him.


    Kane and Taker was already done, Triple H and taker was already done. Like Andy82 said. Put someone new in there you want to invest in and move up the card. Otherwise whats the point of these matches anymore if your just re-matches every year?
  7. TheDuke

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    The Miz vs anyone is a waste of a match. Undertaker vs. Kane would be an epic match, especially if you have a SICK stipulation like Buried Alive or an inferno match. Any of the "new" talent would be a waste minus maybe Sheamus. If they're going to waste the match with Miz there's NO way he'd even have a snowballs chance in hell of doing anything against Taker. It would obviously be Takers final match. Make people believe his opponent has a shot. A triple main event of Cena/Rock, Jericho/Punk and Taker/Kane would be freaking EPIC!
  8. 86WARD

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    That card I'd watch for those three matches...
  9. Dragonite

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    I would PAY to see those three matches and I never pay for WWE PPV!
  10. TheDuke

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    And they will most likely HAPPEN!! At least 2 of the 3. But I am afraid that in his final act Mr. H's will bury another legend to add a notch to his belt. If there is one person who can compete with Vinny Mac in regards to his ego in the WWE, it's most definitely Mr. H's. Most likely will be a Mark Henry/Big Show/Kane mix up with the WHC. I can see the Orton/Barrett thing going on for a while as well. I guess toss D Bryan in there too. They have the chance to build a MEGA card, but will heck it up. Here's what I'm guessing.

    Cena vs. Rock
    Punk vs. Jericho for the WWE title (Jericho wins rumble)
    Big Show vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan for the WHC.
    Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes in a Miami Street fight for the IC title.
    Undertaker vs. Mr. H's in a HHH buried your carrer match.
    Various filler that may not make sense.
  11. andy82

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    The Undertaker match should be used to elevate guys. What would another Triple H match achieve? It's not going to main event and it's certainly not going to draw extra money. Same with Kane, that rivalry has been played out to death.

    Give someone like Miz, Sheamus, heck, even Mr. Ziggles a program with the Deadman and it would launch them up the card. It'd be much more valuable in the long run to the 'E.
  12. Mike S.

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    and Bryan said he would cash in his briefcase that night
  13. TheDuke

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    Giving it to Sheamus might be awesome. Aside from that anyone else is a waste of a match. HHH, HBK haven't beaten Taker at Mania, no freaking WAY Miz or Billy Gunn should even get a shot of competing with him. May as well give Daniel Bryan a shot at him then. It NEEDS to be someone of worth. Ziggler can talk but never says anything, Miz is SUPREMELY over rated and this is from a guy who actually likes him! If anyone other than Kane faces Taker, it's a waste. But we know it's gonna be Mr. H's that takes him on.
  14. YEAH DUDE!


    Punk Vs Jericho fued? that's like a no brainer...that could be a hell of a fued!
  15. YEAH DUDE!


    Also from what I've been hearing. It sounds like Taker Vs HHH at Mainia...again.
  16. TheDuke

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    Could be interesting and entertaining. I REALLY wish Vince would make a huge push to sign Rampage Jackson as a full time wrestler. He'd be freaking entertaining and BEASTLY as hell.
  17. PSID412USM

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    In pencil right now for Mania is

    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho WWE title match
    Undertaker vs HHH with Shawn Michaels as guest ref
    Big Show vs Shaq
    John Cena vs Rock
  18. 86WARD

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    I'd watch that card.
  19. MadMoxxiFavGun

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    when y2j returning?
  20. YEAH DUDE!


    1-2-2012 Sl1m3y

    Thats what is being said on the dirt sheets anyways.