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    Went to 8-0 week in week 8. So more than ever I'm looking to shore up my playoff roster. Personal experience has taught me that winning big in the regular season don't mean crap, if you lose when it counts in the playoffs.

    I tried to get Robinson, Cooks, or LaFell but picking 10 of 10 they were gone, so I ended up with R. Randle. Not much of an improvement, but he has two out of three games at home the last three weeks, and he has been consistent. (albeit a low 13FPG over last 4, consistency)

    My question is, is Clev's Gordon worth picking up over Reuben? His last three opponents are IND, CIN and @CAR. which puts him in the sos#22 range. Does his potential outweigh Randle's consistency, and sos of TEN, WAS, @StL?
  2. Waldo

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    Off early today?
  3. peterjason

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    I say grab gordan. I wish I could too
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    Grab Gordon. I have him in one league and I can't wait for his return