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  1. MadGreenHatter

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    Is J. Rodgers. D. Booker or Josh Gordon worth picking up?

    I Have:
    J. Stewart
    M. Mack
    C.J. Anderson

    I haven't started either of these guys in few weeks.

    Stewart is inconsistent, Mack is there in case Gore sits out, and Anderson is getting his touches taken from him by Booker.

    I'm just thinking I may need some help going into the play offs.

  2. Kurt

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    J. Rodgers = Barber is the goal line back which make him un-startable - you could swap him for Mack but if Gordon gets hurt I'd rather have Mack =)
    D. Booker = get him over Stewart - just in case..
    Josh Gordon = YES INDEED - DROP CJ - you might start him week 14 =)