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    John Laryngitis is the worst. On top of that, why is he of all people now messing with Jim Ross? I never understood why the WWE always wants to mess with Ross. He's a friggin Hall of Fame announcer, show him SOME respect.
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    Agreed. I'd put him right up there with Gordon Solie.
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    Jesus Christ!!!!! They just spent the FIRST 30 MINUTES of Raw dealing with the Nash/Trips situation. First match literally begins at 9:29 EST
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    At least the Nash/HHH thing was pretty bad butt. However, the Punk/ADR thing was AWFUL! I don't think Punk can even make this entertaining.

    And Beth Phoenix on commentary is AWFUL!! Freaking A why do they waste our time with this crap?
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    You know the highlight of this whole show though? John Cena wearing the "Be A Star"(WWE's Anti Bullying Campaign) and came in only to bully and make fun of David Otunga. Good job WWE!
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    The whole Nash/HHH thing was a total waste of time. This show? Is becoming a waste of time. This company is becoming a waste of time.

    I'm off to watch some ROH I downloaded. RAW is making a 9-0 football game seem exciting.
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    That was butt last night. And anyone in the building who didn't know the Rock was gonna be Cena's partner has been living in a cave for the past month. And what was so bad, they were hyping Rock's return during promos on the show before they even announced it!
  8. Mike S.

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    RAW Results for 10/24/11 - Frank C. Erwin Jr. Special Events Center in Austin, Texas

    Randy Orton & Sheamus d. Christian & Cody Rhodes

    Dolph Ziggler d. Santino Marella

    Alicia Fox d. Natalya

    John Morrison d. Wade Barrett

    John Cena d. The Miz & R-Truth by DQ

    For detailed results, go here
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    David Otunga needs to be made fun of, he's a freaking giant tool.
  10. TheDuke

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    While I completely disagree and think Otunga's present character is perfectly suited for him but the WWE will bury him as the douche anyway because, well no one in the WWE understands how to develop a character or write a show my point is they had Cena bully Otunga while wearing the anti bullying tshirt which again helps to reiterate that this is the WORST company EVER.
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    Now that crap's funny.
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    Thats AWESOME lol I love that picture
  14. Mike S.

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    RAW Results for 10/31/11 - Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

    Mark Henry d. CM Punk by DQ

    Eve won a Divas Halloween Battle Royal

    Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett d. kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne in a non-title match

    Big Show d. Alberto Del Rio

    Santino Marella d. Jack Swagger

    Zack Ryder d. Dolph Ziggler

    John Cena d. The Miz

    For detailed results, go here
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    My god they have sucked of late....this Muppets show version of RAW was painful. I am as down on RAW and WWE as I have ever been. They got me looking forward to Impact on Thursdays now.
  16. Mike S.

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    RAW Results for 11/7/11 - Echo Arena in Liverpool, England

    John Cena came out to open the show. Cena hyped The Rock's appearance on RAW next and hyped that this is the first time ever RAW has taped from Liverpool.

    The Miz and R-Truth interrupted and talked about how they will defeat Cena and Rock at Survivor Series. It was revealed that Awesome Truth will fight Cena and a partner tonight on RAW. Miz and R-Truth went to attack Cena but Zack Ryder made the save.

    John Morrison defeated US Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match.

    Mason Ryan defeated JTG in a quick match.

    Zack Ryder had a brief exchange with The Bella Twins backstage.

    WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston with the cross arm breaker. Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Del Rio. After the match, Del Rio put Kofi back in his arm breaker submission holds - which brought out C.M. Punk to a massive pop.

    Punk and Del Rio went back and forth on the mic - with Del Rio calling Punk a coward. Del Rio told Punk they should call off their match at Survivor Series but Punk refused and the two started to brawl. Punk hit Ricardo Rodriguez with a Go To Sleep.

    Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella.

    Jerry Lawler came out and introduced Kelly Kelly. Kelly plugs her new Maxim cover and spread. Beth Phoenix and Natalya came out and interrupted her. The Divas of Doom threaten to beat up Kelly Kelly until Alicia Fox made the save. Kelly and Alicia revealed Kelly's Maxim magazine cover.

    John Laurinaitis came out and introduced Kevin Nash, who walked to the ring to the old NWO theme music. Nash talked about how he should have buried Triple H back in 1995, but he let Hunter into the Kliq as a favor to Shawn Michaels. Nash said Hunter would be nothing without him and complained about his legends contract. Nash said he could be world champion today if he wanted to - and that he showed everyone "how to play the game."

    John Laurinaitis and David Otunga were shown walking around backstage, when CM Punk bumped into them and said he'll be the next WWE champion. Punk started to fight with Otunga but was attacked by Alberto Del Rio.

    The Miz and R-Truth defeated John Cena and Zack Ryder in what was said to be a really good match. Awesome Truth got the win after The Miz pinned Cena while R-Truth held Cena’s legs down.

    Dark Match Main Event: The Miz defeated John Cena after R-Truth held Cena’s feet down while Miz pinned him once again. Dolph Ziggler came out after the match and the heels beat down Cena and Zack Ryder. Out came CM Punk to even the odds. CM Punk and John Cena took turns beating up Dolph Ziggler – with fans cheering for Punk’s attacks and booing Cena’s. Zack Ryder hit Dolph Ziggler with a Rough Ryder and Cena hit Ziggler with the Attitude Adjustment to end the show.
  17. Mike S.

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    RAW Results for 11/14/11 - TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

    Cody Rhodes & Hunico d. Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara

    Mason Ryan d. Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Vickie slaps Ryan

    Sheamus d. Jack Swagger

    Kelly Kelly w/ Alicia Fox & Eve d. Natalya w/ Beth

    Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry d. CM Punk & Big Show

    Randy Orton d. Wade Barrett by DQ

    For detailed results, go here
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    If you are a wrestling fan then go out of your way to check out tonight's Punk vs Ziggler match. Best TV match since the first Christian/Orton match earlier this year.
  20. YEAH DUDE!


    See what happens when you give guys time to put on a good match? Good things happen. Imagine if WWE did this for most of the show...