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    if any of you do not want see the spoiler, do not read.
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    Smackdown Tapings - Taping Date: 10/12/04 - Air Date: 10/14/04 - Manchester, England - Manchester Evening News Arena

    Credit Rajah.Com

    Show starts with Theodore R. Long in the back talking to most of the smackdown roster, he announces that John Cena was involved in a brawl at an after-hours club, and that he had some sever puncture wounds, one of which was to his kidney. The G.M. then announces a Battle Royale for the Number One Contendership for the US Title to take place later in the night.

    The Pyro goes off and Smackdown officially starts with RVD Vs Rene Dupree. Kenzo comes out and sings born in America to heat. The referee then kicks Kenzo out and the match starts. RVD hits a botched suplex landing Dupree on the back of his head, but the French Tickler seemed ok from it. Van Dam won it with the 5-Star Frog Splash.

    JBL is shown backstage. He asks where we are tonight, then asks if The Beatles came from Manchester. JBL goes on to say that fighting Hardcore Holly 3 weeks in a row is madness. He then further insults England, saying that she is no longer the aggressive nation that she used to be, and is now a doormat to Europe.

    Luther is shown in the back with the page 3 girls from the Sun. He says that he is going to win the battle royale and is going to beat Eddie in a No Mercy rematch later. He then asks the girls back to his room afterwards so that he can win again, but they say that they are all with Eddie tonight.

    Charlie Hass is next out, he hobbles down to the ring followed by his opponent for the night, Billy Kidman. Kidman works over Hass’ bandaged knee, removing the support in the process, then his the Shooting Star Press for the win. Dawn Marie ran down to try and stop Kidman from hitting the SSP, and after failing, she helped to carry him out.

    Teddy tells Heyman that he has to make Heidenreich apologize for his actions last week on Smackdown, or else they will all be fired. Heyman says yes sir and walks out.

    Everyone is out for the Battle Royale, which moves through quite quickly. Eddie accidentally lands on the floor when eliminating Luther climbs back onto the apron and the ref’s look confused, but angle soon knocks him off the apron. Rey and Angle are the last two in the ring. They have a great match with lots of near eliminations by both of them. Finish comes when
    Angle is on the apron, and Rey does a 619 around the outside of the ring post kicking angle’s back, causing him to fall. Rey Rey is the No. 1 Contender!

    Rey is interviewed backstage, Carlito comes up to him and challenges him tonight. Rey says that is cool. Carlito then sneak attacks Rey.

    JBL comes out in a small car with the bullhorns on, and it looks rediculous. Good old England. Holly comes out and the Title Match begins. Holly tries to use a cricket bat at one point in the match, then sneds JBL onto the table, but it doesnt break. JBL gets the win eventually with a thumping char shot to Holly’s head.

    Heyman and Heidenreich come out to the ring, Heyman appologises, then forces Heidenreich to read an apology aloud. He then challenges the Undertaker, and says that if Taker doesnt come out he will hurt more people. Heidenreich walks around the ring then Heyman forces him back inside and he lies down for about 5 minutes with Heyman talking to him. Suddenly the lights go out and Taker appears. He makes his way to the ring and the bell sounds. Taker chokeslams Heyman, then delivers both the chokeslam and the Tombstone to Heidenreich after a short match. After the match Heidenreich carried Heyman up the ramp, then got tired and had to drag him the rest of they way to the back.

    The US Title Match came next, with Rey taking on Carlito Caribean Cool. Carlito seemed to go for a powerbomb stlye move several times, which might become his finisher eventually, but tonight he won with a roll up, using the ropes to gain the victory.

    Eddie Vs Luther doesnt last long as Jindrak comes down to the ring and throws Eddie into the steps. The ref calls for the bell, and Jindrak and Reigns continue to beat down Eddie. Angle then comes down with hair clippers again and goes to shave Eddie, but Big Show comes down and clears house.
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    Smackdown Tapings - Taping Date: 10/17/04 - Air Date: 10/21/04

    Credit Rajah.Com

    Smackdown opens with Torrie Wilson introducing WWE United States champion Carlito Caribbean Cool. Cool tries to hit on Wilson and when she blows him off, he spits apple in her face.

    WWE United States champion Carlito Caribbean Cool pinned Rico.

    Backstage, Teddy Long met up with Booker T. Booker told him he was no longer interested in any tag team matches, but Long convinced him to team with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam against Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree and John Bradshaw Layfield later tonight.

    They did a video package on Billy Kidman’s Shooting Star Press.

    Chavo Guerrero returned as a babyface, thanking everyone for their support while he was hurt. Kidman came out and told Guerrero that it was just an accident, bringing up their history in WCW. Guerrero said that his family was worried about him returning to the ring and his kids told him they were scared he was going to hurt his brain. Kidman blamed the fans, saying that they were animals. It ended up with the two of them getting into it and Guerrero clotheslining Kidman out of the ring.

    In the back, Paul Heyman is informed that Heidenreich has to be brought to the ring in a straightjacket for now on because of his recent actions.

    Heidenreich defeats Shannon Moore. They put the straightjacket back on him after the match, but Heidenreich tells Paul Heyman that he demands Heyman give him the Undertaker and let him face Taker. Undertaker comes out, leading to....

    Undertaker defeated Heidenreich with a tombstone. Heyman is chokeslammed as well.

    Backstage, Torrie Wilson is upset and telling the makeup lady that she can't believe what Carlito Caribbean Cool did to her. Teddy Long apologizes and says he's going to talk to Cool.

    Long finds Cool and questions him as to whether he was in the nightclub when John Cena was attacked. Cool says that he told the police he doesn't hang with thugs. Long says he's heard differently. Cool says he's not saying anything else until he speaks to his lawyer.

    Backstage, Booker T is warming up when Orlando Jordan says John Bradshaw Layfield would like to speak to him before the match.

    Mark Jindrak pinned Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero went for the frog splash when Luther Reigns tried to get involved. Guerrero hit him. Kurt Angle ran to the ring and slid the ring bell to Jindrak, who put it on his chest. When Guerrero hit the splash, he knocked himself out on the bell and was pinned. Guerrero left under his own power.

    Backstage, Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam are talking when Booker T asks them to stay out of his way. He walks off. Van Dam and Rey agree to watch each other's backs.

    John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan meet with Booker T. Booker insults Layfield, saying that he used to be from Texas and now he's from New York. He calls Jordan a houseboy.

    Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio & Booker T defeated WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield & WWE Tag Team champions Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki. Van Dam and Rey wouldn't tag in Booker since they didn't trust him. It ended up with RVD out on the floor and Rey being forced to tag Booker. Booker acts like a heel then turns on JBL, clearing house and winning with the Ax Kick on JBL
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    Smackdown Tapings - Taping Date: 10/26/04 - Air Date: 10/28/04 - Omaha, Nebraska

    Credit Rajah.Com

    Tough Enough contestants shown walking with Al Snow to the locker room - Big Show kicked them out saying they had’nt earned it - so they came to the ring and each cut 20 second promos - then Big Show came out and gave each a body slam.

    Chavo Guerrero d. Nunzio with the Gorry Bomb. Billy Kidman was on comentary, and went to give Chavo the shooting star press, but missed.

    Heidenreich begged Heyman to get Undertaker’s signature.

    Teddy Long said if Booker beats Orlando tonight, he gets JBL at Survivor Series for the title.

    Rey Mysterio d. Kurt Angle. Ref bump. Rey went for the 619 but was stopped by Jindrak and Luther - RVD came down, then Eddie ran in, gave Kurt the frog splash, and pulls Rey over for the pin.

    Kurt, Jindrak, and Luther are yelling at Eddie, Rey, and RVD in Teddy Long’s office - Teddy says at Survivor Series - Kurt and Eddie will each captain a 4 man team for a classic Survivor Series elimination match.

    Josh Mathews tries to interview Carlito, but is threatened by Carlito’s new associate Jesus - he holds Josh while Carlito spits the apple in his face.

    Kenzo tries to sing to Torrie again - but she says he’s freaking her out.

    Big Show tells Eddie he wants to be the 4th man on his team, Eddie agrees.

    Halloween costume contest - Torrie is a fairy, and Dawn Marie is a nurse - before the judging can begin, Miss Jackie attacks and strips Dawn Marie.

    All three Dudleys ask for one of them to be the 4th man on Kurt’s team, Kurt says if they can get rid on Big Show - he will agree. Spike says no problem, Bubba and D-Von look frustrated.

    Booker T d. Orlando Jordan. Afterward JBL almost teased turning on Orlando, but they shook hands - JBL says Booker will be just another opponent in his path.
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    If You Don't want to know, Please Do Not Read !!!!!

    *Smackdown opens with all the Tough Enough contestants in the ring. Kurt Angle comes out and asks them their names and berates them. He tells them they are going to have a contest tonight and whoever wins will get a special prize. He says that whoever does the squat thrusts will win. Al Snow counted them off and if someone did them wrong, they would have to leave the ring. The winner, Ryan Reeves (at least I believe that is who it was) received a match with Kurt Angle.

    *Kurt Angle defeated Ryan Reeves in a quick match, destroying him. Angle asked any of the others if they wanted to get in the ring with him. Daniel Puder came in and they started wrestling. He was matching Angle for 2 minutes but was pinned.

    Backstage, Josh Matthews tried to interview Orlando Jordan, but Jordan was cut off by John Bradshaw Layfield. Layfield slapped him and said that he needs to respect the Chief of Staff. Matthews says that he is tired of being abused by them and if Jordan expects to win, Jordan needs to get his head in the game.

    *Booker T defeated Orlando Jordan via DQ when JBL interfered. They laid out Booker and JBL hit the clothesline from hell.

    *The Dudley Boyz are talking when Spike tells them that he cut a deal with Kurt Angle to take out one of their opponents at Survivor by calling out The Big Show and attacking him.

    *Backstage, Josh Matthews tells Teddy Long that he is tired of being abused by JBL and Jordan. Long tells him that he has to maintain his professionalism. Booker T barges in and demands a match against Booker and Jordan tonight. Long says that he doesn’t want to sanction a handicap match, so Josh says that he wants to be Booker’s partner. They make a tag match for later in the show.

    *The Dudleys call out The Big Show. They hit him with 3-D and try to do it again through several tables, but he chokeslams them through the tables. Spike runs off.

    *They show Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio talking in the back.

    *Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio defeated Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak. As Rey and Van Dam were leaving, Carlito Caribbean Cool and Jesus Aguilera made their way down the aisle. Carlito spit apple in RVD’s face. All four heels laid them out until Eddie Guerrero made the save with a chair.

    *Teddy Long and Eddie Guerrero talked about Survivor Series. They mentioned that Carlito will be the next member of Angle’s team. Teddy told Eddie that Rey couldnt be part of his team because Long made a Cruiserweight championship match at the PPV with Spike Dudley defending against Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and Billy Kidman. Long told Eddie he has until next week to pick his partner.

    *Miss Jackie defeated Dawn Marie in an armwrestling contest. Dawn said she was going to dedicate her victory to “her Charlie.” After Jackie won, Dawn flipped the table over and they had a catfight. Haas came out trying to stop it, but was attacked by Heidenreich. He hits his shoulderbreaker on Haas. Jackie tries to stop him but is shoved down. Heyman comes out and tries to calm Heidenreich.

    *They lined up the Tough Enough contestants on the stage. Snow pushed the fans to vote, saying the voting will end Monday at midnight. The person with the least amount of votes will be sent home. Torrie Wilson told them that next week they will take the Torrie Wilson s*x test and hopes that they will all be up for it.

    *Booker T & Josh Matthews defeated WWE champion John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan. Matthews hit a sliding kick on Layfield that may have busted up JBL’s nose. Josh and Booker T celebrated after with spinaroonies.

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    Taping Date: 11/9/04 - Air Date: 11/11/04 - Corpus Christi, Texas - American Bank Center

    Credit Rajah.Com

    The Tough Enough contestants entered the ring and Al Snow announced that Nick Mitchell has been eliminated from the competition. Next we jumped into the Torrie Wilson s*x Test. The rules of the test were that each contestant would have to make out with a WWE diva for 15 seconds. Then the Diva would choose which contestant would make the best lover. Of course the Diva picked for this task was Mae Young. The lucky winner was Daniel Puder who then received a lap dance from Mae.

    Rey Mysterio walked in on Chavo having a conversation with someone Chavo claimed to be an old friend. Which made most people in the crowd think Chavo Classic because he works indie shots in town on a semi-regular basis.

    Rey Mysterio and Chavo def. Kidman and Spike when Rey hits Spike with a top rope splash.

    Orlando Jordan meets up with Josh Mathews backstage. He tells Josh that he respects him and then attacks him with 2 hard slaps. After the commercial break, Josh Mathews asks Teddy Long for a match against Orlando Jordan. JBL will be in Jordan's corner and Booker T will be in Mathews' corner.

    Josh Mathews def. Orlando Jordan after interference from Booker T.

    RVD, Eddie, and Big Show cut a promo concerning who will be the 4th member of their Survivor Series tag team.

    Eddie and RVD def. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak after a double frogsplash. Carlito Caribbean Cool is on commentary during the match and spits apple at Michael Cole. Post match Eddie names John Cena the 4th member of his Survivor Series team.

    Carlito cuts a promo with Teddy Long on John Cena.

    Tough Enough voting segment.

    JBL vows to leave Smackdown forever if he loses to Booker T this Sunday at Survivor Series.

    Paul Heyman comes out and argues with Michael Cole and eventually shoves Cole. Tazz scares Heyman into the ring and out comes Heidenriech. Tazz removes his jacket and starts up the ring steps and out go the lights for the Undertaker. After a short brawl, Taker chokeslams, then tombstones, Heidenriech.

    The Big Show def Kurt Angle via DQ when Jindrak and Luther Reigns interfere. Both Survivor Series teams were at ringside for the match. Carlito laied out both Eddie and RVD with the chain, which led to the finish. Kurt Angle, Luther and Jindrak put Show in a submission hold. Finally Show was helped to the back
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    Taping Date: 11/16/04 - Air Date: 11/18/04 - Nutter Center - Dayton, Ohio

    Credit Rajah.Com

    Right off the bat, John Cena came out and did a little promo/rhyme about his match tonight with Carlito Caribbean Cool for the US title.

    Next was the Tough Enough segment. tonight their challenge was to make it past the Basham Brothers. Sounds easy enough. Basically they had 30 seconds, and the ring was divided into a few sections. In the corner where the guy stood there was a line that he had to start from behind. On the side where the Bashams were, there was a line marking off a big section. These were diagonal with a flag attached to the corner where the Bashams were. The object was to simply get through the Bashams and take the flag. They really weren’t allowed to do much of anything in terms of hitting, etc. Everyone’s strategy seemed to be run as fast as they could to try to get past them and the Bashams’ strategy seemed to be to keep them off their feet. Really, only the big military guy and Puder had a chance. The big guy pulled along the ropes at one point dragging the Bashams with him, but he ran out of time. Puder made it close to the corner too, but was taken down. In the end nobody got the flag.

    Chavo Guerrero over Billy Kidman

    Carlito & Jesus go to Teddy Long’s office and Carlito tries to get out of the match. He takes his shoulder x-rays and a doctor’s note but Teddy tells him that he is not getting out of it or he will be stripped of the title.

    Charlie Haas w/ Jackie over Heidenreich via Countout - They basically wrestled for like 30 seconds. Heidenreich then leaves the ring and sort of falls to the floor. He then climbed over the railing and laid down on the floor by everyone in the fetal position. This went on for about 3 or 4 minutes until Sgt. Slaughter among others came out to try to get stupid to get up. Heyman gave him his jacket which he hugged for a while and then he finally left like 5 minutes later.

    RVD & Rey Mysterio were shown in the back getting ready for their match. RVD introduced Rey to the girl on the floor, his new personal trainer: Michelle McCool from the RAW Diva Search Contest.

    RVD & Rey Mysterio over Kenzo Suzuki w/ Hiroko & Rene Dupree in a WWE Tag Team non-title match.

    Video that aired during Survivor Series was shown reminding us that WWE will go back overseas again this Christmas. That got a big cheer.

    Kurt Angle came out and introduced his way of ‘giving back’, the Kurt Angle Invitational. He said that every week he will let a ‘hometown hero’ come out and try to pin him. If anyone can, then he will personally deliver to him the prize, Kurt Angle’s Olympic Gold Medal. Kurt Angle over Dean Visk

    JBL is shown backstage introducing Orlando to his new image consultant: Amy Weber from the RAW Diva Search Contest.

    JBL comes out and does a promo about how it’s great to be the champ and that he won just like he said that he would. Basically, everyone who wants a title shot comes out from here. Booker T comes out and talks a little bit. Then Eddie Guerrero comes out in a car (They had the mirror thing pulled out of the way and he had the headlights on for like 3 minutes before he came out, but everyone seemed surprised when he came out). Eddie talked for just a minute and then the lights went out. UNDERTAKER came out next. This is when the place erupted because nobody thought that he would actually be there. Undertaker never said a word all night, he just sort of stood there. JBL was visibly scared. Teddy Long came out after a minute and said that JBL’s next title defense would be a Fatal Fourway with all of the names just mentioned. Later in the night they showed a graphic which showed that match as being at SmackDown!’s next PPV. Eventually, Booker T and then Eddie left. Undertaker was still standing in the same spot and would not leave. This is where JBL turned into a comedian and started saying things like he would give him a three count to leave the ring and that 'These people don’t want to see you kick my ass". After some more antics, Undertaker finally did knock the tar out of JBL and Orlando, too. Undertaker eventually left after doing so and then JBL turned into a comedian again. Instead of quietly coming to, he slowly rolled from where he was at to the end of the ring by the ramp. Each time he rolled over, he said something funny into the mic and everybody enjoyed this thoroughly. These included things like 'I can’t feel my left foot' and 'I feel like Ohio State playing against anybody: I got my butt kicked.'

    Carlito was shown in the back getting his shoulder massaged by WWE’s newest licensed masseuse: Joy Giovanni

    US Championship: John Cena over Carlito Caribbean Cool - Basically, John beat up Carlito for a minute, then Jesus, then he hit Carlito with a chair, then he took out Jesus one final time and pinned Carlito for an easy three count. It was extremely short, but it kept Carlito from working too much and getting hurt more.

    After the match, Jesus attacked Cena, punching him in the back where his scar should have been. This made Cena need like 10 refs and a stretcher to leave
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    Taping Date: 11/23/04 - Air Date: 11/25/04 - Pepsi Center - Albany, New York

    Credit Pro Wrestling News.Com

    Rey Mysterio Jr. over Renee Dupree in a pretty decent match. Rey won after the 619 and a springboard legdrop. Renee's eye looked bad

    Next was the Tough Enough Competition. This week they had to Armwrestle one another in a mini tournament.

    Heres the results: Dan was eliminated before the arm wrestling. Puder over The Miz, Ryan over Justice, Puder over Ryan, so Puder wins again.

    Next were some little segments. Firstly, Carlito Carribean Cool and Jesus talked about how Cena attacked Carlito before the match last week and cost him the US belt. Carlito then gave Jesus Cena's chain and lock because he took him out after the match last week.

    After that was a segment of Kenzo Suzuki watching Torrie Wilson on a monitor while his Hiroko was telling him about Thanksgiving. When she asked Kenzo what part of the turkey he wanted, he said he wanted some Breasts.

    Then there was a Bradshaw promo. He basically put down Indians and talked about how affirmitive action doesnt work. That was follows by a Rey Jr Promo with RVD talking about their tag title shot.

    Rob Van Dam over Kenzo Suzuki via DQ after Kenzo used Hiroko's scarf to choke RVD out. Torrie was the ring announcer and after the match, Kenzo went after her and RVD made the save.

    Next was a Big Show Thanksgiving segment. He talked about how he ate his parents out of house and home and how his favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Show invited everyone to the ring for a feast. Luther came out, pied that Diva Search chick and then there was a foodfight like every Thanksgiving. The Diva Search chick hit Show in the face with the pie to end the segment.

    Kurt Angle over Cody Steele. This was part of Kurt's invitational challenge. Angle beat him with the ankle lock. Everyone thought it would be local favorite and Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli that was going to challenge Kurt.

    A video then aired talking about how WWE went to Iraq during the holidays last year and to support the troops. Then the video said that they'd be returning back again this year during the holidays.

    Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie went to a no contest in some Thanksgiving costume match. Charlie Haas had to seperate the two of them after the match was thrown out.

    JBL & Orlando Jordan over Booker T & Eddy Guerrero after interference. After the Match, the gong rang and the arena went dark. Out came the Undertaker to take out JBL and Orlando.
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    Taping Date: 11/30/04 - Air Date: 12/2/04 - Richmond Coliseum - Richmond, Virginia

    Credit Pro Wrestling News.Com

    RVD, Rey Mysterio, and Torrie Wilson vs. Kenzo, Hiroko, and Renee Dupree. Short match that ended when RVD hit the Five Star on Kenzo and Mysterio pinned him. After the match Hiroko and Torrie got into it and Theodore Long made a Bra and Panties Match for next week.

    Tough Enough Segment: They all come out and Al asks one of them (Ryan Reeves) if he wanted to quit because he had broken ribs. He feigned quitting then said no. Interviews backstage by all 4 about who should go. All of them said Puder and Puder said either Justice or broken rib guy. He was then eliminated leaving Justice, Miz, and Puder. Al Snow announces that they will have a beauty contest where the 3 remaining contestants would have to dress up like a woman.

    Charlie Haas vs. Jesus is a no contest before the bell. Jesus and Carlito beat down Charlie Haas.

    Backstage segment where one of the Diva contestants (another one got hired...I can't believe this crap...fire Gail Kim and Nidia who can wrestle and hire T&A to do nothing but try to keep Eddie and Booker from fighting...great Vince) tried to keep Eddie and Booker from fighting in the locker room. Eddie tells Booker he'll see him out there.

    Bashams vs. Booker T and Eddie. Good match with decent action. Eddie was way over in Richmond. JBL does commentary while Orlando Jordan sits there and looks dumb. Late in the match, Eddie accidentally pulls down the top rope and and Booker tumbles to the outside with a Basham. Eddie hits Three Amigos and Booker comes back in and argues with Eddie. Eddie gets knocked into Booker and Eddie is rolled up for the pin.

    Kurt Angle Invitational. Crowd loves to chant "You Suck!" Same story as last week. A local jobber who gets no reaction until Chimel says he's from Richmond then he gets the pop of the night. Simply ridiculous. Angle gets on the Mic and insults the crowd. Angle slaps the Sebastian the Jobber from Richmond then whips him in the ropes, hits the Angle Slam, down come the straps, and a tap to the ankle lock. Match lasted maybe 30 seconds.

    Dawn Marie comes down wearing a Santa outfit similar to Jackie's earlier. They get in a catfight and Long comes out and makes a match at Armageddon with Dawn Marie vs. Jackie with Charlie Haas as special referee. I smell heel turn for Charlie.

    Tough Enough Segment: Expectations were really low for this but it wound up being the best one of the competition so far but that's not saying much. Puder comes out first and he just looks like a dude dressed as a woman. Justice AHEM...Justine as he was announced and came out looking like a Male Transvestite. It was sick. Miz comes out last and looks awesome. He's wearing a Metallica shirt with cutoff jeans, a wig, and carrying a Six pick of Miller Lite. To put a mental image in your head. He looked like Chyna dressed up in Nidia trailer park trash clothes. Al Snow announces the catch saying you have to seduce a superstar....CUE Bob Holly still getting punished. Bob Holly's music hits and the Tough Enough contestants have to seduce Bob Holly. I know but it gets worse. An exchange takes place and Holly tries to leave but Al punks him into staying. Miz tries to just come on like an actress in a 30's movie by going..."Hardcore....Hardcore....hehehhehhehe." The Miz has acting skills. Holly tried to keep from laughing but he broke character the whole time. Justin comes up next and he acts like a inner city ho and presents him with a bottle of, I kid you not, Colt 45 Malt Liquor. Vince is in the back getting off on this I'm sure. Puder just gives Holly a teddy bear. Holly keeps breaking character and laughing then he beats up Al Snow.

    Jordan and JBL vs. Undertaker. Undertaker dominates the whole match until the end. Undertaker hits all his signature spots until he goes for a double choke slam. JBL hits a low blow and the ref calls for the bell. JBL's whole posse comes out and beat down on the Undertaker. Undertaker uses his "powers" to recover and fend them off after JBL sends them all out of the ring. All four take a choke slam and then JBL gets tombstoned. Taker walks out and looks back and sneers then raises his arm and leaves.
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    Taping Date: 12/7/04 - Air Date: 12/9/04 - BiLo Center - Greenville, South Carolina

    Credit WrestlingDotCom.Com

    The lights went out and on the Smackdown-a-tron they played the WWE Divas video. During the video a large crew of WWE workers came down to the ring. Towering over the group was one hooded crew member who faked like he was talking on a walkie talkie. The crew managed their way around the ring and the tall person disappeared. The crew did not even stop to do work. They simply walked around the ring and walked back, minus one person of course. You have one guess who it will be.

    JBL's music played and the entire cabinet accompanied him in the ring. Orlando Jordan, the diva chick, The Turtle Neck twins and JBL all waited around until Smackdown cold opens this week with JBL cutting a promo. JBL said that he is going through something no other WWE champion has gone through before. He does say that past WWE champions Bruno Sammartino, Andre the Giant, Bret Hart, Steve Austin and The Rock all have something in common, On their best day and in the best shape of their lives they could not beat me. JBL also calls Teddy Long a piece of garbage and an example of affirmative action being wrong. I looked at Orlando Jordan and he was nodding along with JBL so no hints of dissension. JBL talks about beating up the Undertaker and the lights go out. When the lights come back on The Undertaker attacks JBL and his cabinet. He chokeslams both Basham Brothers as JBL and Orlando skeedaddle.

    Funaki won a cruiserweight battle royal. The match featured, Paul London, Akio, Nunzio, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki and Shannon Moore who entered the ring out in that order. The winner of the battle royal will face Spike Dudley at Armageddon. Nunzio was first out. Then Paul London, Akio, who was stealing the crowds attention was next, the final three were Chavo, Kidman and Funaki. As Chavo tried boosting Kidman over the top, Funaki snuck in and tossed them both. Funaki reacted as if Triple H agreed he would drop the strap to Funaki. The crowd was really in to Akio and Funaki so they were happy.

    After the match Teddy long caught up with JBL. JBL reiterated that Teddy was garbage and was only out to screw him. Orlando spoke up and teddy shut him down by telling him to take the base out of his voice. Teddy told JBL if any member of his cabinet interferes Sunday he will strip him of the title on the spot. JBL walked away in disgust and was intercepted by the Bashams. They told him there had been a security breach. When they went to JBL's limo it was on blocks and the tires had been stolen.

    Backstage Miss Jackie Gayda pleaded with Charlie Hass not to go out and fight Jesus in a street fight. She said Jesus is invincible and look what they did to you. Hass revealed two severely bloody eyes. Not sure if he was wearing contacts but they looked nasty. He said he knew what he had to do and left her behind. On his way out, Josh Matthews, wearing a turtle neck, asked him about being the referee in the match between Jackie and Dawn Marie, he said he knows as an official he will call it don the line but quickly added "Come on. Jackie is my fiancee. Of course I will be biased. But that is Sunday and I have work to do."

    Jesus defeated Charlie Hbutt. At least I think he beat him. Carlito came down with Jesus and was promptly tossed out by Charles Robinson. So, Carlito spit the apple in his face. The problem though is that the apple did not make enough of a mess so Carlito came back down and they did the entire scenario over again. This time the apple was nice and juicy and poor Charles paid the price. Charlie cam down and immediately took control. He ran out of the ring, grabbed chair and prepared to hit Jesus with it when Carlito's voice came over the PA. Charlie looks like I have something of your's. Carlito said as he stepped outside the curtain with Dawn Marie in his clutches. In the ring Charlie was obviously distracted and this allowed Jesus to punch him in the back of the neck with the chain wrapped around his fist. His is where it gets confusing. There was no official word but the referee called for the bell. So, either Jesus won or the match was tossed out.

    After the match Dawn Marie ran in the ring to care for Charlie. Well you can guess who followed. The two tended to Charlie until their hands met. When they did the two women stared at each other for literally, I mean literally, four straight minutes. It looked like they were trying to figure out who was going to make the first move in a lesbian pourn scene. They inched closer and closer together but never cam to blows nor smooches. Charles Robinson went over and held up Charlie's head in a touching scene while the two females seduced each other with their eyes. Finally, Charlie got up, rolled out of the ring and started walking to the back. Dawn slid under his left shoulder and Jackie slid under his right shoulder as he helped him to the back. As they walked by Charlie looked at each of them and just shook his head. If this plays out right, Charlie will be the biggest stud on Smackdown.

    Eddie Guerrero walked to the ring rolling a tire. He cut a promo about JBL's car and how he could get him a deal on new tires. In fact he new of a deal that you could consider a steal. Pretty boring but Eddie has so much charisma everyone was listening to each and every word.

    After a commercial break Torrie Wilson was posing for some fake photos when some flowers arrived. She was happy and read the card. Her happiness turned to sorrow when the card read from Kenzo Suzuki. She said, Kenzo is such a jerk. He is married. This brought out Hiroku who accused Torrie of calling her husband a jerk. So Hiroku does what any well trained attack wife would do and stripped Torrie Wilson down to her underwear. Hiroko then bolted the scene but Torrie chased after her. Torrie finally caught her and ripped her robe off exposing Hiroko bra and panties. What Hiroko did not realize was that she was now standing in the arena for the entire world to see. When she tried running backstage Torrie was there to meet her. But when Torrie tried catching her she could not make it out of the curtain. Finally, Torrie chased her around the ring but then ran in to Renee Dupree and Kenzo. The two men backed her in the ring ad threatened physical harm. This brought out Rey Mysterio and RVD. They cleared the ring and Teddy Long came out. He said since they do not like each other and have a big bowl of haterade he is booking a match between them right now. Since they are fighting now there is no reason to wait for Armageddon so the match is for the titles.

    RVD & Rey Mysterio defeated Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree. We have us some new tag team champions ladies and gentlemen. This was the best match of the night with all four men going at a pretty good clip and were all breathing hard five minutes in to the match. Without giving away too much. Rye Mysterio pinned Kenzo with a roll up aided by holding RVD's arms for the title clinching victory. After the match Dupree left on his won and did not look pleased with Kenzo. Dupree is a big kid in person as well as Kenzo. Say what you will about his athletic prowess but the crowd ate up Kenzo's comedy bits in the video packages and the in ring bits.

    Then the sounds of clocks echoed in the arena as John Heidenreich sat in some undisclosed place. He looked distant and the ticking clock got louder and louder. Paul Heyman came in and told John he had to take his medicine and that he has good news for John. Heidenreich can leave this place and return to Smackdown next week. Heidenreich declined and says he likes it here. He said They like me in here. Those people out there do not like me. He said he was never coming back to Smackdown. If that is true, whom do I thank?

    Big Show defeated Mark Jindrak by DQ. This started as the Kurt Angle invitational challenge. The announcer introduced his opponent and everybody thought it was going to be the FIW from earlier. But then the Big Show came out. Angle jumped all over that saying he knew what Show was up to and that it was not going to work. He said there is nothing he can do about Sunday and he is going to pay. Luther got in Big Shows face and said he knows someone who is dieing to fight him. He said, that person is Mark Jindrak. Jindrak was shocked but had little chance for worry as Show attacked him. In a very funny spot, Show hushed the audience and then gave Jindrak the worst sounding chop ever. It was equal parts crack and thud and it just sounded painful. After Kurt unsuccessfully tried interfering Luther jumped in the ring and caused the DQ. They beat up Big Show and the angle ended with Kurt throwing the steel steps in Big Shows back.

    Booker T was backstage working out with Michelle McCool. She was helping Booker stretch by bouncing on the muscle, which is a clear no-no and a great way for someone to tear a muscle. If she is a personal trainer she should be fired. But then the muscle she is working is probably not for the viewing audience anyway. Booker did some physical comedy with JBL's hat and said he was going to win the belt Sunday.

    Booker T & Undertaker & Eddie Guerrero defeated JBL & The Cabinet. A solid match with the usual heel tactics of JBL. Tactics that were generating a ton of heat with the live audience. At one point all seven men were facing off and JBL jumped in the crowd hiding from The Undertaker. The end came when Taker tombstoned Orlando and scored the pin.
  11. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Taping Date: 12/14/04 - Air Date: 12/16/04 - Gaylord Entertainment Center - Nashville, TN

    Credit WrestlingDotCom

    The intro/pyro rolls and Orlando, in the middle of a ring decorated in red, white, and blue banners, ask us to welcome the WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield! The limo pulls up with JBL and Amy riding on top if it like a bull, with the Bashams dressed as Secret Service closely in tow. As the confetti and balloons rain, JBL makes his way to the ring. He then proceeds to tell us how tonight is the return of a hero, and tonight will be a moment that you will never forget! All great things come in 3’s, FDR, Regan, and JBL for examples. He also fought three of the best superstars at Armageddon, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, and The Undertaker, and he beat them all to retain the title once more. That his was the greatest title victory and he is the greatest champion of all time, despite having a GM more biast and corrupt and fans that refuse to chant his name. Thus starts a massive You Suck! chant. He then screams at the audience to chant his name! Chant my name!

    All of a sudden, Kurt Angle’s music rolls and in walks Angle with Reigns and Jindrak in tow. They go right for the ring and Kurt goes nose to nose with JBL. Bradshaw tells him that he is interuppting his party, and that unless he is here to congratulate him, he better get out! Angle then asks what was that about JBL being the greatest champion, sorry, but no. I am! Do you remember Armageddon 2000? Angle beat 5 men, The Rock, Stone Cold, Rikishi, Triple H, and The Undertaker in a 6-Man Hell in a Cell match for the Title. And besides, I invented the over the top championship celebration, BUCKO!

    Bradshaw states that wasn’t that four years ago? My, how the mighty have fallen! Angle then calls out John BUCKO Layfield and challenges him to a title match tonight, for the WWE Championship. JBL says that would be a great match, and it’s an excellent idea, but no. He is going to take time off for the holidays and it just isn’t going to happen! In walks the Smackdown GM, Teddy Mac. Teddy tells JBL that you don’t control when you take time off, I do. You don’t make matches, I do. Let me ask the audience if they would like to see this match. JBL then states that the audience shouldn’t be asked but his pleas are not heard as Teddy as an informal poll. Needless to say, resounding cheers fill the arena. Tonight, says Teddy, it will be JBL Vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. Ho, ho ho JBL, or should I say, Holla, Holla, Holla and with that Teddy leaves the ring, followed by everyone else during the break.

    Akio/Kidman Vs. RVD/Rey Mysterio (Non-title match) Back in the ring, Akio and Kidman have made their way to the ring to face RVD and Rey for a non title tag team match. Kidman and Rey start it off but soon it is Akio and Rey, and Akio is in the ropes set up for a 619. (It being Nashville, I was prepared for 615 chants, our area code, but yet I heard none, sadly.) Akio tries to retort but ends up kicking Kidman out of the ring. Soon it is RVD and Kidman in the ring, and RVD hits the Rolling Thunder, but to no avail. Postions change and Kidman ends up dragging RVD to the corner for the Moonsault, but he misses. RVD then drags Kidman to the center of the ring and connects with a five star for the 3 count. Winners - RVD and Mysterio

    Don’t forget, tonight we crown the next Tough Enough Champion and later on tonight JBL defends his title against Kurt Angle. Another Blade commercial runs and we are shortly joined by Torrie Wilson in an Uncle Sam outfit. She says that she is proud to wear these colors, and then talks about the troops in Iraq and how great it was to go. She reminds us that next week is the Annual Christmans in Baghdad Smackdown! and then leaves the ring.

    Right after that, Heidenreich comes from the audience, behind Cole and Tazz, and Cole flips out and heads to the entrance, looking nervous. Heidenreich grabs a chair and sits in the middle of the ring, and we are graced with more poetry by Heidenreich. The poem is anti-Taker and this gets a solid Taker chant going. Finally it ends and he leaves,but never soon enough.

    Eddie and Booker T are shown in the back saying that even though they were fighting at the pay per view, they were on the same page, and get along great. Some random TNA comes in and they ogle it. The conversation leads into a tease fight between them until Booker cracks up and begins to laugh saying that he loves to push Eddie’s buttons, it’s so easy. Now, let’s go kick some ass! There was some words spoken about the Cena match from the PPV but we never heard them, so I have no clue why the image was shown. Also, don’t forget that next week is the Best of RAW 2004! After that, the Royal Rumble commercial airs. Being and actor, this is the best commercial, and the funniest that I have ever seen! We come back to Orlando at the GM’s door, but another girl is there saying that Mr. Long is meditating and cannot be interuppted. Orlando walks away angry and runs into Reigns. Luther is laughing at Orlando trying to get JBL out of the match and the two begin to get into swapping ways their champion is better than the other, until Orlando states that JBL provides healthcare. Luther get seriously interested but quickly throws it away and they get angry a little more before they depart.

    Kenzo/Dupree vs. Booker T/Eddie Eddie enters to the largest pop of the night. This was a pretty solid match but I got into the match and forgot to take notes. The heels never really dominanted and the crowd seemed very into the match. Booker gets the Book End on Kenzo and starts to feel it. He hits the spinarooni, as Hiroko sneaks in the ring behind Booker with a Kendo stick. She makes to hit him with it just before Booker turns around and scares her out of the ring. Eddie is the actual legal man and hits the frog splash, sealing the victory. Winners - Booker T/Eddie

    Orlando walks into JBL’s dressing room telling him the match is still going on. JBL gets angry when he thinks no one has confidence in him. Amy then tells him that it is ok, that he will be champion and get to go overseas next week. JBL gets nervous saying that it is a war zone, but Amy says the whoever the champion is has to go and represent WWE. Then Carlito shows up, with a proposition for JBL. They both have a problem, Teddy. Long is always on both their backs, so after your match tonight, let’s talk. Sounds like a plan, says JBL. Carlito takes a big bite out of his apple and the Cabinet gets nervous. Mr. Cool just smiles and walks away.

    The WWE Slam of the week is Funaki beating Spike for the Cruiserweight Belt at Armageddon. Tazz and Cole get some screentime here I think, and then a ThemeAddict comercial airs. Some footage from the new Smackdown Vs. Raw game shows us what the JBL/Angle match could be like.

    WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?! Time for to crown the next Tough Enough Champion. Al Snow is in the ring and invites Mike Mizanin and Daniel Puder to the ring where the trophy is. This took no time at all, and Al Snow crowns Puder as the next champion. He also asks him how would he like a chance to headline Wrestlemania? Puder has been entered into the 30 Man Royal Rumble in January. Both guys were very good sports about it all, but Mizanin says that this is where he wants to be now, and will find a way!

    Angle is shown in the locker room as Reigns comes in. Angle begins to bash on all pro-sports for awhile and Reigns tells Angle not to worry, that he and Jindrak will be there to take on the cabinet. He then complains about his back to Jindrak and Angle asks him what he is talking about. It’s nothing says Luther Well..Orlando gets health care from JBL.Angle gets furious, forget health care! I’ve got a match, next!

    ECW commericial, and Teddy makes his way to Tazz and Cole to comment on the match. The older Iraq commercial is shown and we come back to two local 101st Airborne members and we are shown that the Air Force Commander is in attendance. Man, that explains the beef in security in the house. Some new Diva makes her way down to the ring in a Mrs. Santa outfit, passing out candy canes before we start our main event.

    JBL Vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship Kurt and crew make their way to the ring first. Then JBL comes out with the Cabinet, and as he begins to enter the ring, the Diva offers JBL a candy cane, and Amy gets furious. Could it be? Are we that lucky? YES! Catfight! This ends with each girl getting held back until Amy decides to rip the Diva’s top off, and the favor is returned. Finally Teddy Mac has had enough and throws everyone out but the two competitors. Finally our match gets under way as Angel is chewing on JBL’s hat. More Bucko chants fill the air, as well as numerous Let’s Go Angle chants! They go back and forth for awhile, ankle lock here and there, until after awhile Orlando Jordon comes running into the ring while Angle has JBL in an ankle lock, but he misses and flies out the ring. The Bashams show up followed by Jindrak and Reigns. While the ref is distracted, our course JBL is tapping. Orlando gets back in the ring and JBL gets DQ’ed. Angle wins, but no title. WELLLLLL!!!!!! Big Show’s msuic hits and he makes his way to the ring. A choke slam for Jindrak, as well as one for Reigns. A dual choke slam for the Bashams, and Show picks up Orlando and takes him out with a F-5. JBL has snuck his way up the ramp as Show signals from the ring that he is coming for the belt! I am pretty sure this is where the cameras end. Winner - Angle by DQ

    And here is the recap of the Casket Match: Chimmel tells us that Long has ordered OJ and JBL to face Taker in a handicapped casket match, right now. JBL comes out, whines while they set up the casket, until Taker’s music hits. Taker makes his slow way into the ring, and JBL is there with his face in his hands. JBL and OJ want to run but they come back and peak in the casket, and in doing so decides to get back in the ring. Swings are swapped and eventually JBL quickly ends up in the casket, but no lid has been closed because OJ shows up just in time. Taker now has JBL in the casket acting a fool, and is beating OJ down into a corner. JBL gets out and together they team up on Taker in the corner. They try to get him in the casket but can’t! OJ ends up in the casket while Taker and JBL duke it out in the ring. JBL low blows Taker, as Taker falls out of the ring. They team up on Taker using the stairs, but a missed stair shot turns the tables. Taker is back in control and beats OJ into the top of the casket, and throws JBL’s face into the lid as well. JBL gets back up and regains control as they lead Taker near the ramp and begins to choke Taker with some cable. Taker lowblows JBL and tossed OJ into the casket, but too hard and OJ flies through, out the other side. JBL outmaneuvers Taker and grabs a steel chair but not in time as he gets a facefull of Taker’s boot. Taker tosses JBL, then OJ into the ring. He performs a little oldschool on JBL. Then OJ begins to wail on Taker some more as JBL opens the casket. This ends with OJ falling over JBL and into the casket. Taker gets a chokeslam in on JBL, and closes the lid on OJ. The crowd calls for a tombstone, and Taker gives one as requested to JBL and throws him inside with OJ. The casket is rolled out with both men inside and Taker makes his way to the back, sucking up the crowd response. Winner - The Undertaker
  12. Mike S.

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    Smackdown! - Christmas In Iraq - Thanks to Wrestling Dot Com for the results

    The show kicked off with Vince coming to the ring and addressed the troops that attended this event, talking about how the superstars that volunteered to appear wanted to shake hands with, sign autographs for and meet the troops, along with how we never see the positive things the troops have done on our evening news, just the negativity. Vince then went on to say that when he got home, he would seek out the media who bring out these negative aspects and would tell them that the troops told them to go straight to hell!

    Lilian Garcia was then introduced, who did a very touching rendition of our National Anthem.

    The first set of holiday greetings, along with clips from the troops on the battle lines, were shown.

    Match #1: Booker T. defeated Rene Dupree - Loud chants of USA rose among the troops upon Dupree’s entry to the ring. This was a short match, with a lot of kicks, chops, takedowns and even Booker treating the troops to his Spinaroonie and Dupree’s ubiquitous French Tickler.

    We then heard the first story from a soldier stationed in Iraq following the match before a commercial break.

    The Recon Platoon offered viewers a Christmas message from Iraq, then a second set of clips of the troops, with WWE superstars this time, were also shown. In one segment of these clips, the superstars were made Honorary Steel Tigers.

    Time now for Santa to come to the ring. He spoke to the troops and expressed appreciation to them before introducing divas Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie and Torrie. The divas then passed out gifts to the troops before Santa called them back into the ring for some gifts of their own. Lilian, Torrie and Jackie got some unmentionables, while Dawn ended up with an empty Gatorade bottle for being naughty, followed by another diva catfight. Santa was then revealed as Mick Foley, who peeled off parts of his Santa costume and tossed them into the audience.

    More scenes of the troops wishing holiday greetings to us here at home, along with a second soldier’s story were shown.

    Match #2: Undertaker defeated Heidenreich via countout - Taker started out strong and dominated the majority of this match. Toward the end, Heidenreich freaked out and attempted to escape through the audience. Some old school and vintage moves by Taker were also present during this match.

    A third soldier’s story was aired, along with superstars discussing their experiences in Iraq and clips of them with the troops.

    Another clip of WWE and the troops being thanked by their general in the ring, along with superstars and troops behind the scenes, were shown.

    Match #3: Hardcore Holly defeated Kenzo Suzuki - Suzuki wrestled barefoot! This was also a short match, with mostly kicks and chops back and forth, before Holly finished off Suzuki with the Alabama Slam and a pin.

    This match was followed by another soldier story, holiday greetings and clips of troops setting up the ring for tonight’s show.

    JBL arrived to the ring in a Humvee with longhorns and armed security, decked out in a biohazard suit, topped with the ever-present cowboy hat. He admitted that he was nervous being there, but not scared, then complained about his living conditions, the food and even the toilet paper, which made him sore down there. He also told the troops the next time they decided to go to war somewhere, make sure it was a place that at least served cold beer.

    He quickly thanked the troops once again and was about to bail out of the ring when Big Show came out. JBL made a joke about Show "I just found a weapon of mass destruction" before Show scolded him about all the superstars being there to pay tribute to the troops--not to pay tribute to JBL himself. Show also made a comment about JBL’s biohazard suit, saying that JBL looked like an aluminum foil wrapped pile of chicken crap, and that JBL could also be a deserter, and he knew what people here did to deserters before Show knocked JBL around and out of the ring a couple of times, stealing JBL’s cowboy hat in the process.

    More clips of the superstars and the troops in Iraq were aired, followed by clips of the superstars during their tour of Iraq.

    Match #4: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defeated Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns - Kurt came into the ring, telling the troops he didn’t suck, that he was an Olympic gold medalist, before being interrupted by the entrance of Eddie and Rey to the ring; Rey having a 619 cam and filming troop members.

    This was a fast-moving match, with many excellent moves on both sides.

    As the show left the air tonight, a video of the superstars’ tour of Iraq was shown in entirety.
  13. Mike S.

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    Taping Date: 12/28/04 - Air Date: 12/30/04 - New Orleans, Lousiana

    Credit WrestlingDotCom

    We start Smackdown, and Michael Cole and Tazz come down to Tazzs music. We then get the GM Teddy Long, on the tron, and he tells us that tonight is the champs shoiwcase. All the champs will defend their titles against opponents of their choosing.

    We get John Cena first, who is mega over. He cuts a good promo, then goes into the stands and gives his jersey to a kid. Rene Dupree comes out and challenges Cena. Cena wins a good match with the FU.

    We see JBL and Amy Weber walking backstage, and they come upon Joy. Amy tells Joy that she looks fat, and Joy asks Amy where her waddle is. JBL gets in Joys face, until Big Show pops up, and tells JBL he wants the title match.

    Out comes Kurt Angle, with his security and medal. Kurt compliments JBL, and says he wants the title match. He brings out Matt Stryker, who lies and says he is from New Orleans, and Kurt make shim tap to the anklelock real quick.

    We see RVD and Rey on the Tron, trying to decide who they want to face. Eddie and Booker T show up, and say they want the tag title shot, because they know JBL wont give them WWE title shots. RVD and Rey agree to think about it. Book and Eddie start to argue about whos name will go first in the tag team, while RVD and Rey sneak off.

    T shirt guy comes out, and on the Tron we see a recap of last weeks Taker/Heidenreich match. It looks like Taker and HR at the Royal Rumble.

    Backstage we see Daniel Puder come in, and start to get unpacked in the locker room. This angers Hardcore Holly, and he and Puder get in each other's faces. Hardcore talks about paying dues, and Puder is cocky.

    Teddy Long is talking to some new bimbo, and JBL, Amy, and OJ walk in. JBL says he will defend the title randomly, and he has all the Smackdown stars names in a fishbowl. He picks a name and acts scared and wants to pick again. TL tells JBL to go to the ring and defend the title. Didnt they do this last year. Want to bet me a hundred dollars its Shannon Moore.

    MOOOOOOOOO!!! Its JBL and posse, minus Bashams. And what a shock, JBL will defend the title against Shannon Moore. JBL wins quick with a short arm clothesline. Teddy comes out and demands to insepect the fishbowl. Amy tries to sneak off with it, but Joy gets her from behind and grabs it. A catfight starts, and after they are both escorted out, Teddy checks the names. They are all Shannon Moore. Teddy tell JBL he will defend the title at the Royal Rumble against Kurt Angle. Kurt comes out, and he and JBL have a great argument. You have to see it live, reading it will not do it justice. Teddy interrupts to tel them that it will be a Triple Threat match with Big Show. Show come out and clears the ring.

    Here comes Funaki. Right after he comes out, we cut to the tron where Josh Matthews is interviewing RVD and Rey about who they will pick to defend the titles. They say the want to wrestle Dawn and Torrie. But really, they will face Eddie and Booker. And later, Dawn and Torrie.

    Back to the ring where Funaki is waiting, and he will defend the title against Spike Dudley. Funaki wins with a sunset flip. Spike tries to tell the ref and audience that Funaki had the tights. No one believes him.

    Rey and RVD are out, then Eddie and Book. Eddie and Book play the heels, isolating Rey, the RVD and working them over. Finally Book and RVD end up outside the ring, and Eddie tries to use his fake out on the bumped ref to make him think Rey hit Eddie with the belt. The ref catches Eddie faking, and Rey wins with a rollup.

    Carlito is on the Tron, and he tells us his New Years Resolution is to get rid of Teddy Long.

    Heidenreich is out, and he says hes not scared of Taker. He has cost Taker the title twice, and he was sparing Taker last week by running out. Takers gong goes off, and the arena goes dark. Takers voice says that at the Royal Rumble, HR will rest is peace. Some druids wheel out a casket and place it next to the ring. HR takes his time going over to it, he is scared. Finally he touches it, and Taker pops out. HR runs off, and Taker then poses in the ring.
  14. Mike S.

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    Taping Date: 1/4/05 - Air Date: 1/6/05 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Mohegan Sun, Connecticut

    Credit WrestlingDotCom

    Rey Mysterio defeated Eddie Guerrero in a good match. The middle part had a lot of restholds, highlighted by that spot where Eddie stands on his head during a keylock applied submission. Eddie tried to cheat, but was not successful.

    Teddy Long met with Heidenreich and the returning Paul Heyman. They tried to cancel the Royal Rumble match, and eventually Teddy called for a match tonight with both men versus the Undertaker.

    Funaki defeated Akio in a Crusierweight title match. The action was solid. But Carlito came out and did commentary at ringside, so the match was just a backdrop. He had a petition and even tried to get the referee to sign, even though he was busy calling the match.

    Daniel Puder met Torrie Wilson and Jackie backstage. He acted like a heel toward Jackie, so Puder is a heel now. He made light of her relations with men during Tough Enough 2 and with Charlie Haas.

    John Cena faced Kenzo Suzuki in a rap battle. Funny stuff, but nothing great. Kenzo stole Torrie Wilson’s Great American Bash outfit, well it looks like that anyways. Cena brought out the worthless Raw Diva ripoffs to bait Kenzo away from Hiroko. It ended with a mild melee with Cena on top. It seems Cena may be back to form on the mic, but it is sickening to hear all the fan-pandering he does. Sheesh, the Chain Gang? It seems that Smackdown is the early-’90s version of the WWF and Raw is trying to be the tweaked up Attitude era version.

    Kurt Angle beat a ‘’local'’ hero via a quick tapout. Kurt said if anyone beat him in less than three minutes he would give up the medals. The jobber tapped out in less than 30 seconds. I believe that when asked where the jobber was from, the jobber said ‘’right here in Connecticut.'’ It was so bad because, even though we’re not the biggest state, you can at least say a town by name.

    Doug Basham (w/Danny Basham) & Orlando Jordan beat Rob Van Dam (w/Rey Mysterio). A switcheroo was performed to finish the match. Rey was sent to the back early in the match. Short match that should’ve been longer. The Bashams new music sounds like a rip-off of the Kill Bill V.1 theme song.

    Amy Weber tried to seduce Kurt Angle. Later, Angle met Amy in her locker room. He got undressed to his undies and went into the shower, but it was Diva Joy instead. Joy ran out of the room in only a towel. Angle chased after her, but she ran into the Big Show. Who then chased Angle to the ring. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak came out to even the odds, but all were not enough to tackle Show. Jindrak got chokeslammed. Angle then hit Show with a chair, but it didn’t faze him. Kurt then got punched in the face with the chair, if you know what I mean.

    A skit aired where JBL made his only Smackdown appearance of the night. It was about Amy telling how she deceived Angle into going to Joy’s locker room.

    Undertaker fought Heidenreich & Paul Heyman in a handicap match to a no contest. If Heidenreich won, he could change the casket stipulation of the Royal Rumble match. Midway through the match, Undertaker did the bow to the urn thing, which brought out druids carrying two coffins. One was to be used for the post show dark match. Heidenreich got scared and ran away. Extra security lined up in the area he ran in. Nice way to let fans know something will be up. It left Heyman alone in the ring, and Taker gave him a tombstone and put him in the casket to end the taping.

    DARK MATCH - This Match will not be shown on TV

    After the taping ended, JBL came out with Orlando Jordan for Handicap Casket match. They seemed to be phoning it in, and the match wasn’t that good, but it was nice to have a match just for the fans in the arena. It ended with Taker barely fitting the WWE Champion and Orlando in the casket simultaneously. It didn’t actually close, but it was good enough for the referees to call it as the win for Taker. He celebrated, and then the show ended.

    Matches announced for next week in Florida. A four-way tag title match with Rey & RVD vs. The Bashams vs. Booker T & Eddie vs. Luther & Jindrak. Also a U.S. Title match between Cena and Kenzo Suzuki.
  15. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Taping Date: 1/11/05 - Air Date: 1/13/05 - Tampa, Florida

    Credit WrestlingDotCom

    The Basham Brothers won a Fatal Four Way match, defeating WWE Tag Team champions Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero & Booker T, and Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns as Rey was pinned by Danny. Van Dam didn't do anything in the match but was attacked and injured after the match. Van Dam was stretchered out. The Bashams are the new Tag Team champions.

    Backstage, The Big Show made Kurt Angle apologize to Joy Giovanni for last week.

    They aired a recap of the Four Way and Van Dam's injury.

    Backstage, JBL's crew walked into Big Show and Joy Giovanni. Amy Weber didn't want to apologize to Giovanni, setting up a match between the two women later tonight.

    In the Kurt Angle Classic, Kurt Angle forced Roderick Strong to tap out.

    WWE United States champion John Cena pinned Kenzo Suzuki.

    Amy Weber beat Joy Giovanni via forfeit when she didn't come out. There is a storyline of what happened to Giovanni with everyone in Teddy Long's office as she is missing.

    WWE Cruiserweight champion Funaki defeated Nunzio

    Carlito Caribbean Cool and JBL both said they didn't know what happened to Joy when questioned by Teddy Long. Miss Jackie and Torrie Wilson said they saw Orlando Jordan following her.

    They did a ceremony where JBL, with his cabinet, was presented with Man of the Year from the Florida Agriculture Group . Kurt Angle confronts JBL and it turns out Joy is in the trunk of the limo, unconscious. She is taken off and given oxygen. Big Show hits the ring and chokeslams Orlando and everyone else.

    Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, and Luther Reigns talk backstage reveal they set everyone up and did it to Joy. Show stalks them as the show ends.
  16. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Taping Date: 1/18/05 - Air Date: 1/20/05 - Le Center Bell - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Credit WrestlingDotCom

    Long stated that Kurt Angle must apologize in the ring tonight to Joy Giovanni for what he did last week or he will be removed from the title match at the Royal Rumble and will not receive another title shot in 2005 (gotta love those stips nobody believes). He also said that it will be open season on Kurt Angle after he apologizes.

    JBL was shown backstage stating that he hasn't swallowed what Angle did to him and that he would never do such a thing to a woman. He said Kurt Angle will pay and that no one will believe what he will do to him tonight.

    The Basham Brothers b Eddie Guerrero & Booker T by DQ

    Eddie got a huge pop coming out. They were given a lot of time, approximately 20 minutes. Eddie ducked a belt shot from one of the Bashams, picked up the belt and nailed him with it. Nick Patrick turned around and saw him with the belt in his hand and called for the bell. Booker and Eddie argued after the match and Guerrero left. Booker got beat down by the Bashams and Jordan but Eddie returned for the save.

    Big Show was shown backstage waiting by the door for Kurt Angle to arrive.

    Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie were brought out to shoot some t-shirts into the crowd.

    Scotty Too Hotty b Akio in a Royal Rumble Qualifier with the Worm.

    Carlito Carribean Cool came out and had people at ringside sign a petition. He claimed Theodore Long was responsible for what happened to Joy Giovanni and for his arm being in a sling. This brought out Heidenreich who signed the petition. He said he did not want to wrestle The Undertaker in a casket match at the Royal Rumble. The lights went out and the gong sounded. An Undertaker promo aired, the standard pre-casket match routine we've heard many times before. Heidenreich exited by the crowd.

    Show heard someone coming and grabbed a chair but it was only two anonymous women from the Diva Search.

    John Cena promo hyping his Royal Rumble Qualifier with Renee Dupree.

    John Cena b Rene Dupree with the FU to enter the Royal Rumble. Kenzo Suzuki jumped him after the match. They later showed a SmackDown! graphic with the two of them on it. I gather they will meet next week for the US Title. Cena was wearing a Montreal Canadiens Jersey and got a big pop. Rene Dupree also got a pop.

    Big Show was shown still waiting for Kurt Angle. Bradshaw walked up to the Big Show and told him to be allies and take out Kurt Angle. He explained to him that if they take out Kurt Angle, then it would be Big Show vs. JBL for the WWE title instead of Kurt Angle getting the title shot. Big Show told JBL that it was the smartest thing he had ever heard him say. They both agreed.

    Rey Mysterio b Chavo Guerrero with the 619 in a Royal Rumble Qualifier.

    Kurt Angle came out from the crowd and called out Joy. He started to somewhat apologize, then Angle called out the Big Show. Angle read an apology off a piece of paper. Angle walked out of the ring as soon as Big Show entered the ring. Then Bradshaw, Orlando Jordan and The Basham Brothers came out to trap Kurt Angle so he won't escape. JBL tells Kurt Angle "You're going to get what you deserve and I will get what I deserve." They ran in the ring and all attacked the Big Show, revealing it was all a setup. Then Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak came out to help on the attack against the Big Show. They brought out a stretcher but Big Show refused medical attention.
  17. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Taping Date: 1/25/05 - Air Date: 1/27/05 - Altell Arena - Little Rock, Arkansas

    Credit WrestlingDotCom

    JBL and friends got into it with Angle and friends. Teddy Long announced a singles last man standing non-title match as the main event.

    Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio & Booker T defeated Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns & Orlando Jordan

    John Cena defeated Kenzo Suzuki with the FU to keep the U.S. title

    Heidenreich came out to read a poem. A casket was brought out by the ref while Undertaker's music played. As we all know, Heidenreich doesn't like caskets and hid behind the ring.

    Paul London won four-way over Shannon Moore, Funaki and Spike Dudley. It was used as a backdrop, however, for Carlito to get fans to sign his petition.

    Kurt Angle went to a non-contest with JBL. Angle hit JBL with a chair and delivered a series of German suplexes. It appeared Angle blew JBL up but they had a good match. Neither man could answer the bell.

    The post-show dark match saw Show over JBL & Jordan
  18. Mike S.

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    WWE Raw Preview for 01/31/05: Royal Rumble Fallout

    When RAW airs from San Jose, CA, the Royal Rumble will be over, and things may never be the same. After defeating Ric Flair in Oklahoma City, Randy Orton will attempt to wrench the title away from Triple H at the Rumble. Will he be successful? And if he is, how will that affect the Cerebral Assassin’s plans for continued domination?

    Batista qualified for the Rumble after crushing La Resistance in a handicap match. Should he be the last man standing on Sunday, what will his next move be? Will he continue to be loyal to Evolution, or will the so-called animal finally decide to strike out on his own?

    Edge and Shawn Michaels faced off in a six man tag match as a warm-up for their faceoff in Fresno. After these two battle each other, both in a singles match and in the Rumble itself, what will happen? Will they finally put their rivalry to rest, or will the flames of their hatred ignite further in San Jose?

    It’s no secret that Kane and Snitsky are bent on destroying one another. They arrived on RAW this week broken and beaten from their last encounter. When they meet on Sunday in the Rumble match, what will happen? And, come Monday night, what will be left of the two of them?

    Check out the Royal Rumble Sunday, January 30 on Pay-Per-View, then tune in to Monday Night RAW on Spike TV at 9pm et, 8pm ct and see what happens.

    Credit: WWE.com
  19. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Taping Date: 1/31/05 - Air Date: 2/3/05 - HP Pavillion - San Jose, California

    Credit Ringside Post.com

    John Cena enters to a MBUTTIVE POP and plays to the crowd. Teddy Long comes out and explains that he's having a tournament to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21. He mentions that, should Batista decide to join the Smackdown roster, Smackdown's WrestleMania main event will be a Triple Threat Match between the winner of No Way Out's Steel Cage Barbed Wire Match, the winner of the tournament, and Batista. John "Bradshaw" Layfield comes out with "Chief of Staff" Orlando Jordan and whines about the stipulations. Long mentions the upcoming tournament matches - next week is John Cena vs. Orlando Jordan and Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio. JBL tells Cena that he's not in the same league as him. Jordan attacks Cena from behind, Cena throws Jordan over the top rope and gives JBL an FU. Cena leaves.

    Kurt Angle Invitational: Kurt Angle vs. Nunzio. Kurt Angle comes out with security guards holding his gold medal. Nunzio's music hits and he walks out and confronts Angle. Angle questions Nunzio as to why he's there since he's not from San Jose. Nunzio responds that tonight, he will be from San Jose and since Kurt Angle punked him out and took his Royal Rumble number yesterday, he wanted some revenge. This match was all about Angle dominating Nunzio, although during the match, Nunzio did bust out the Sicilian Jumping Jacks.

    Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

    Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Jindrak. Huge pop for Rey Rey. Good match where Rey used his quickness and agility and Jindrak used his strength, leading to a back-and-forth match.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall

    Handicap Match: The Big Show vs. "Secretaries of Defense" The Basham Brothers. Big Show started the match by using his strength and throwing both Bashams around like ragdolls. The massive chops Show was giving was reverberating throughout the stadium.

    Winner: The Big Show via pinfall

    Rene Dupree vs. The Undertaker. A fair amount of heat for Dupree, WILD POP for The Undertaker, in a very rare Smackdown appearance. During the match, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns came out and were distracting and attacking Taker whilst the referee wasn't looking. At the end of the match, Jindrak and Reigns caused Dupree and Undertaker to take the fight outside of the ring. The ref started counting and, even though Undertaker was near the ring, he couldn't get in quick enough due to his leg being attacked during the match.

    Match was ruled a Double Count-Out

    After the match, Undertaker gave Dupree a Tombstone Piledriver and posed in the middle of the ring.

    Main Event: Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero. Wow, Booker's pyro is HOT. Eddie and his low rider got an INSANE reaction from the crowd, as they were chanting his name all night and were excited to see him. Booker dominated the majority of this match. The match was slow-paced, which elicited some "boring" chants from the crowd. Lots of rest-holds were used, which wasn't helping since the entire crowd just sat through both a Raw and a Smackdown show. There were a couple of ref-bumps during the match. One of them, Booker pinned Eddie for over a 3-count, but once the ref regained consciousness to start the count, Eddie kicked out. Eddie tried to lie, cheat, and steal his way to victory by pretending that his knee was hurt, but Booker was smart and didn't get distracted.

    Winner: Booker T via pinfall

    After the match, Booker T got on the mic and said that Eddie was his amigo, his compadre, his friend. And said that he just kicked Eddie's butt in San Jose. Booker T then attacked Eddie in what seemed like a heel turn. Eddie got the upper hand and hit a frog splash on Booker.
  20. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Taping Date: 2/5/05 - Air Date: 2/10/05 - Saitama, Japan

    Credit Ringside Post.com

    Eddie Guerrero b Kenzo Suzuki with a frog splash in 4:17. Suzuki claimed he was the most popular Japanese athlete in the world, even more than Hideki Matsui.

    Bashams NC Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak in a tag title match when Undertaker came out and attacked Reigns & Jindrak in 9:34

    Funaki b Chavo Guerrero in 7:55 with a DDT. Funaki was super over of course.

    John Cena b Orlando Jordan in the WWE title tournament with an FU in 5:01

    Torrie Wilson b Hiroko in a kimono bra and panties match

    JBL and Big Show did a confrontation promo building up the PPV, Big Show then called out Akebono. He claimed Akebono is the Japanese Big Show but he's the Big Show all over the world. They went face-to-face but shook hands.

    Kurt Angle b Rey Mysterio in 17:13 with an ankle lock