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    Just finished a Yahoo pro league $20 draft. QB WR WR WR RB RB TE 4pt passing td 6 rushing/receiving 10 or 25 per pt the usual

    1.(10)Dez BryantWR
    2.(11)A.J. GreenWR
    3.(30)Doug MartinRB
    4.(31)Joique BellRB
    5.(50)Michael FloydWR
    6.(51)Bishop SankeyRB
    7.(70)Tony RomoQB
    8.(71)Marques ColstonWR
    9.(90)Lamar MillerRB
    10.(91)Justin HunterWR
    11.(110)Pierre ThomasRB
    12.(111)Colin KaepernickQB
    14.(131)Dennis PittaTE
    15.(150)Ronnie HillmanRB

    I didn't take a kicker, wanted to take a gamble on Hillman for basically nothing, if he ends up the #1 back I got the greatest steal in the history of Fantasy Football. If not I drop and grab whoever wins the kicker battle in New Orleans, again, for nothing. Also, couldn't believe that Pitta lasted until the 131st pick. I drafted Romo earlier than I had wanted, but there was a huge run on the 4 QB's I had targeted and I didn't want some other owner to freak out and take the last of my tier.
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    Great value in Colston, Miller, Thomas, Pitta I think. Nice draft especially if Martin is on top again.
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    Like your team a lot.
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    It makes me feel good about my draft when someone tries to trade rape me immediately following the draft.

    Pierre Garcon
    Greg Olsen
    Torrey Smith
    Eric Decker


    A.J. Green
    Dennis Pitta
  5. Greg Brosh

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    Very good draft. Nabbing Pitta so late was awesome. Those owners must be nervous about Owen Daniels being brought in.