Yankees Announcers Are Not Bright: 7/27 Edition

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by yisman, Jul 27, 2011.

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    John Sterling claimed Houston has the least runs scored in baseball.

    Not very bright.

    Anyone who follows baseball knows that San Diego and Seattle have by far the worst offensive teams. Houston has Pence and Lee, to start. San Diego and Seattle don't have hitters like that. Then again, Sterling has probably never heard of Pence or Lee.

    Waldman eventually corrected him after having someone look it up, but now Sterling is saying Houston is second to last, ahead of Seattle. He's talking about how awful Seattle is, 60 runs behind the second to last place team. Again wrong.

    On the TV side, Kay and crew claimed Felix didn't deserve the Cy Young award last year and here's the arguments:

    1)When you're 90 and on your rocking chair, you don't talk about your great WHIP. You talk about the 23 wins you had. - Michael Kay
    2)When you have a lead you pitch differently and it's no big deal if you allow runs.
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    hey mistakes happen. im sure he is gonna here about this