Yankees Put 3B Kevin Youkilis On DL With Back Pain

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    New York Yankees third baseman Kevin Youkilis has been placed on the disabled list for the second time this season with a recurrence of lower-back pain.

    This time, Youkilis -- who only returned to action on May 31 after missing 30 games -- reported numbness and loss of feeling in his right leg and foot. When the Yankees return to New York after Sunday's game with the Angels, Youkilis will remain behind to be examined by Dr. Robert Watkins, a spine surgeon in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

    Watkins operated this week on New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

    "I've never had this before," said Youkilis, who was first placed on the DL on April 30 after reporting some stiffness and soreness in his lower back. "Basically, I had a little numbness in my big toe, but today I have a feeling like when your foot falls asleep or something. I basically have that feeling in my foot and calf area. Parts of my back have hurt before, a little tightness, but this is more like something hitting a nerve."

    Source: ESPN New York
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