Yankees SS Derek Jeter Hit In Hand Now Is Day To Day

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    Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter left Sunday's 4-2 win over Baltimore in the fourth inning with a bruised middle finger and is day to day.X-rays came back negative and the Yankees' captain hopes that he will be able to play Monday against Chicago."I've been hit in my hand before, it's not broken," Jeter said. "As long as I can throw and swing, then I'll play."Leading off the third inning, Jeter was hit on his right hand by a high-and-tight pitch from Baltimore starter Jake Arrieta. The shortstop was in clear pain after being hit and Yankees manager Joe Girardi and trainer Gene Monahan both came out to check on Jeter before he walked to first base.

    Source: ESPN New York
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    Sure it didn't hit the knob of the bat like when he won an Oscar against the Rays?
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    I hope Jeter isn't out for too long cause the Yanks need him out there for there mid summer run to the playoffs