Yankees SS Derek Jeter Likely Not Back Until May

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    It seems increasingly unlikely that Derek Jeter will play for the New York Yankees before May.

    Manager Joe Girardi said on Friday that Jeter was likely to need close to a "full spring training reset" once he is cleared to begin playing games again. Jeter, who remained behind in Tampa to rehabilitate his surgically repaired left ankle, currently has no timetable to return to baseball activities.

    "I think our hope is to get him out on the field soon," Girardi said before the Yankees' game against the Detroit Tigers on Friday afternoon. Asked whether that meant Jeter would need a full six weeks of training camp before returning to action, Girardi said he didn't think it would be quite that long. But he also acknowledged that it will not be a quick process.

    "I don't think you could say it's going to be playing three or four games and he'll be back. He's going to have to go through somewhat of a spring training," Girardi said. "Position players always tell you they don't need six weeks. Pitchers do. How many weeks he needs, I think it depends on how he bounces back each day when he goes out and plays."

    Source: ESPN New York
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    As a baseball fan and definitely not a NY fan, it sucks when Jeter isn't playing. I liked watching him play over the years and as one of the " core four " , he needs to be out playing instead of being on the DL.