Yankees SS Derek Jeter Plays The Field For First Time Since Injuring Ankle

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    For the first three innings, Derek Jeter stood where a shortstop stands, thought what a shortstop thinks, readied himself on each pitch the way a shortstop normally does.

    But it was not until 16 batters had come to the plate that a ground ball finally made its way to his hands. Jeter hardly had to move, easily picking the bouncing ball and flipping it underhand to second baseman Gil Velazquez for the first out of the fourth inning.

    That was the only time Jeter handled the baseball Wednesday night in his first game playing the field after having to be helped off the Yankee Stadium turf last October with a broken left ankle.

    Still, it was a significant hurdle in Jeter's return to full-time play.

    "It was good to be out there again," Jeter said after putting in four innings during the Yankees' eventual 6-2 win against the Philadelphia Phillies at Steinbrenner Field.

    Source: ESPN New York
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    Glad to see him back on the field. Always respected him as a player and a leader of a team. Wish he was on the Cubbies.