YES Network To Stream Yankee Games Online

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by MediaGuy, Jun 6, 2009.

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    The New York Yankees will become the first MLB team to have its games streamed live online within its home market, thanks to a landmark carriage deal YES Network signed with Cablevision earlier this spring. The streamed games will begin later this season and will be available via subscription to Cablevisions TV and broadband customers who subscribe to a tier that carries the YES Network, according to several baseball and cable industry sources. The move is part of an overall renewal of Cablevisions YES Network affiliation deal that was signed earlier this spring but never officially announced.

    Source: Sports Business
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    So far, only available to Cablevision subscribers.

    Hopefully Comcast does the same. There's a big fanbase of Yankee fans in NJ!
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    So no price set yet?
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    Monthly: $19.95
    Yearly: $49.95