Young Eagles Receivers Feel More Comfortable Talking To QB Kevin Kolb?

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    There have been rumblings on WIP radio since the season ended that DeSean Jackson and the Eagles' other young receivers have consulted more with reserve Kevin Kolb than McNabb during games. Jackson was asked about that report. "I don't sense no problem," he said after fooling around with McNabb during the NFC's practice. "People are going to have their own perception about what happens on the field. The biggest thing is . . . we're teammates. It's a tough situation. Donovan has been here a long time and Kolb is a part of the whole group also. There aren't favorites. It's not, 'I like him better.' We're a team." Jackson said he gets along fine with McNabb. "Hopefully, the best works out and we're still together," Jackson said. "We have a great relationship. Didn't you see us out there? We're good man. Just know that."

    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer