Your Opinion On Roy Williams Value

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football Advice' started by bullnutz, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Does this trade make him more valuable now?? or is it a lateral move as far as FF is concerned.

    I'm in a PPR money league. I'm solid at RB (Gore, Portis, Turner, Lewis, D. Williams), but I'm hurting at WR and TE. Currently I have Calvin Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Derrick Mason, Joey Galloway, Brandon Lloyd and Bryant Johnson. TEs are Carlson and Keller

    I also have the top two defenses (Philly and Tenn). I had just been playing the D according to the matchup.

    I was offered a trade involving Philly D. They want Philly and DeAngelo Williams for Cooley, Roy Williams and Sammie Morris. Does it make sense to give up the top D in our scoring system for Cooley (whom I would have to play every week along with Portis) and Williams?? Morris and Williams are a wash, but these guys are scraping the bottom and trying to dig out. I normally would do this in a heartbeat, but our scoring for TEs isn't that great, so the drop off between a top TE and average isn't that much.

    I'm thinking Roy Williams will be a top 20 WR in Dallas, but I'd like your opinions please.
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    I'd do the trade. You have no #3 or some would even argue no #2 WR just a bunch of "hope they do good for once" guys. Give up the Philly D, you got that covered with TEN. Cooley and Williams improve your team and Sammy Morris is an upgrade from Williams.