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    Thirty seconds into the biggest game of his season, Zion Williamson sprained his knee.

    Williamson, in case you haven’t heard, is the most-hyped college basketball player in decades, for good reason. He has, in many cases, accurately drawn comparisons to LeBron James in the sense that a) he is a massively-statured freak of nature and b) he has that air of an athlete that can immediately change the state of an NBA franchise.

    A Google search of “Zion Injury” the following evening drew 110,000,000 results. This knee thing is kind of a big deal.

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    I hope the league rigs the lottery so the Knicks get him, like with Ewing in 1985. If not, I'm ready for two more decades of sucking...
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    I can't believe they've so irrelevant for so long.

    Unfortunately, there's only one constant in the mix: James Dolan.
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    Like I always say...

    Still, could be worse...could be Dan Snyder...

    And I automatically feel better...
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    Except Snyder would never have gotten a handie the day his team was in the NFC Championship Game... for obvious reasons.
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    The Redskins have never been to the NFCCG under Snyder...have they? I don't even remember a playoff win...

    I could be wrong...the Redskins are irrelevant for me xD.