Michael Vick vs. Kevin Kolb: Let The Controversy Begin

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With not even a three weeks under our belts, many of us weren’t exactly expecting the type of QB troubles we are currently seeing in the NFL right now.

Derek Anderson continues to struggle with the deep ball leaving an open door for rookie Max Hall, while David Garrard pulled off his best impression of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, tying his career-high INT record with four (after a brilliant week one performance might I add).

But wait, there’s more!

Head coach Mike Tomlin has no clue who will play QB in week three, coach Tom Cable says—according to the Oakland Tribune— he isn’t going to commit to Jason Campbell in week three, Vince Young was benched but will remain the starter in lieu of Kerry Collins nearly bringing the Titans back, and the Jimmy Clausen era could beapproaching faster than expected, reports the Charlotte Observer.

But for fantasy owners, many of these QBs pale in comparison to one particular gunslinger who is at the center of his own controversy in the City of Brotherly Love: Michael Vick.

Mike Vick got his first actual starting gig since 2006 against a team (Lions) he should’ve beat pretty good, and took full advantage of the opportunity going 21 of 34 for 284 yards, two TDs, with an additional 37 yards rushing.

But it wasn’t just Mike Vick’s heralding performance that afforded the Eagles a much needed spark, rather, Vick’s presence that caused panic in the Lions defense.

So now what?

Andy Reid has always been known—if you’re from Philly like I am—to hold onto his guys, and his “guy” is still Kevin Kolb for the interim. Reid isn’t going to just simply keep Kevin Kolb on the bench in week three against the lowly Jaguars…he does have a commitment to uphold afterall.

But the fact remains that Vick’s performance against the Lions will serve as a reminder to Reid that if Kolb does struggle again, the guy lurking in the background is just as good, if not better, than his “true” starter.

For now, if there is a way to hold onto Mike Vick or stash him away, you should do so. If Kevin Kolb is healthy, he will play this week this week but there is little reason to completely write off Vick now.

The Jaguars are one of the worst coverage teams in the NFL right now, so this matchup bodes well for the Eagles WRs and anyone playing QB in Philly.

We’ll keep you posted on this situation throughout the week as it develops.