NBA Fantasy Point Guard Rankings, Chris Paul #1

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Chris Paul ranks #1 in our Point Gaurd Rankings

At the beginning of the season players such as Kevin Durant and LeBron James are the easy, no-brainer number one picks in almost all fantasy basketball drafts. But, when we are sitting here in week two and players such as Rudy Gay and Elton Brand are the sitting near the top of multiple statistical categories, we know it’s the middle rounds of fantasy basketball drafts that end up winning most leagues. Here are the updated PG rankings by position for the first two weeks of the season.

Point Guards:

1. Chris Paul- Absolutely no surprise here, he is currently the best PG in the game and is even making a splash on the MVP race only two weeks into the season. The Hornets are currently undefeated [which obviously won’t last], but that just shows how good and dominant the New Orleans has been playing early in the season.

2. Rajon Rondo- 103 assists in 7 games, enough said.

3. Russell Westrbook-48 of 52 from the free throw line already; that leads true PG in the NBA.

4. Andre Miller- 2nd most assists in NBA as a PG at the moment with a 104 points scored; Andre Miller is a veteran PG on a very young team.

5. Mike Conley-A very solid PG who just received a contract extension and currently has 23 steals so far this season.

6. Deron Williams- He is currently under performing and is ranked 6th in my rankings, Deron is just getting started, so my advice would be if possible to buy low here.

7. Steve Nash- Nash is 9 of 19 from 3 PT range so far this year, he has 51 assists and 115 points; he plays for a very high powered offense and his numbers will excel.

8. Jason Kidd- Speaking of doing the same thing year in and year out, J-Kidd has only played 5 games so far this season and has currently played 100 less minutes than Mike Conley, believe me the numbers will be there.

9. Derrick Rose- I know he is far down the list, but D-Rose will find his groove soon, and when Carlos Boozer returns his assist numbers will go up and so will his efficiency.

10. Tony Parker- You should not expect too much, but what you should expect is consistency [18 Points, 6+ assists].

11. John Wall- If he just can limit the turnovers, Wall could be a top 5 fantasy PG in this league by late this season and the start of the next one. Wall is currently top 10 in assists and steals so far this season and I simply believe those stats will just get bigger and more impressive.

12. Stephen Curry- He was injured for a few games already this year and is still putting up decent numbers with 29 assists and 71 points so far this season. If he stays healthy, expect the numbers of Monta Ellis to drop a bit as well.

13. Raymond Felton- The thing with Raymond Felton is, he has attempted 26 threes so far this season, which is top 5 for PG. His % is not the problem, I just feel like that is not what the Knicks need from their PG, what they need is his 47 assists to be upgraded to around 65 [Andre Miller, Chris Paul, Mike Conley status].

14. Brandon Jennings- All the raw talent in the league, but is shooting below 40% from the field at the moment and is 8 for 27 from 3 Pt range. Jennings will be there at the end of the season, he just is not there yet.

15. Jrue Holiday- Has been playing very well lately around Louis Williams. Holiday has 10 3-Pointers, 43 assists and is shooting well above 40% from the field.

Notable Point Guard Mention- D. J. Augustin, Devin Harris, Eric Bledsoe, Chauncey Billups, Louis Williams, Aaron Brooks and Rodney Stuckey