NFL Free Agency 2011: Five Receivers; Five Reasons To Pay Attention

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The 2011 fantasy football season is almost ready to begin turning its wheels, and with it comes a bevy of questions that are currently occupying rental space in fantasy owner’s minds.

For the sake of argument, we will take a quick look at the Top 5 WR free agent list and what could happen in the coming months.


Because they’re receivers, and that’s my—and fantasy football’s—thing, that’s why.

The other major reason is simply due to who is available and what sort of impact they could bring to the fantasy table, so without further ado.


Vince Jackson – Chargers:

If you didn’t know, the Vikings almost landed Jackson last year with a two year, $18 million dollar deal. The problem was, they couldn’t satisfy them (San Diego) on the back end of the compensation.

Once the lift happens, though, you have to envision the Vikings possibly trying their hand at another deal, considering they have a new quarterback and a need for another true deep ball threat.

Jackson will be one of the hottest fantasy football topics in the coming months, so keep checking back here for updates and news surrounding his status.


Santonio Holmes – Jets:

Here’s the real trick kids: Follow players who many suspect will “make it big” and get half the fantasy results by year’s end.

Follow the playmakers who are probably going to be on the move, and reap the results in the end.

Holmes has already said: "I played five years to wait for my sixth year to come up," I don't want to play for a one-year deal. I wouldn't do it." ESPN New

The work stoppage makes things a bit tricky here, but the moral of the story remains true.

After Week 5, Holmes commanded the looks and targets and is likely to hold out on the Jets if he has the chance, admitting he will entertain the highest bidder.

Even if the Jets keep him, the new contract could bode well for fantasy owners looking for another solid productive option at WR.

In other words, keep the Santonio Holmes situation close at hand, because he is likely to be a big-time fantasy producer in 2011, regardless of where he plays.


Steve Breaston – Cardinals:

The Cardinals extended a first round RFA tender to Steve Breaston, despite his drop off in the 2010 season.

Basically, what that means is, he has reached the four year mark as a pro and the Cardinals are unlikely to extend anything other than the initial tender.

But in fantasy terms, that means eventual new digs.

Breaston is going to play somewhere, and where that winds up being will determine his overall projected value.

So for now, keep an eye on him, and if he lands up in an unfavorable city, keep an eye on his replacement in Arizona: Second year man Andre Roberts.


Mike Sims-Walker – Jaguars:

MSW is not likely to rejoin Jacksonville once the freeze is lifted, and he is already campaigning to join Brandon Marshall in Miami.

Say what you will beat writers, but MSW and Brandon Marshall as your two primary threats on the outside is a deadly one-two combination.

There is no guarantee that MSW will end up in Miami, but it will be interesting to see where he goes.

Don’t count him out just because of a sub-par 2010 season either; the kid has mounds of talent.


James Jones – Packers:

Jones is unlikely to return in Green Bay which means wonderful things for Jones and the FA market.

Jones’ knock is his penchant for the dropsies, but the fact is he isn’t as bad as people think, especially for those looking for a quality back end fantasy football draft pick.

Jones is a wonderful possession receiver, and possession receivers are a solid source of fantasy points, especially in PPR leagues.

He won’t lead your league, but he will be the best back end draft pick you’ll ever get this season.