QB Rankings for Week 9: Funny NFL Edition!

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As week 9 approaches in the NFL, some of us fantasy owners are stuck in serious mode. I thought it'd be fun to lighten the mood with some funny NFL images and gifs. Comment below on your favorite ones!

These three guys should never be able to stand next to eachother ever again
I don't think I'll ever be as excited about the Patriots as this guy.
We all miss Chad Pennington and his awesome jukes
Jay Cutler gets his clock cleaned by a ref!

This is not what you want your wife to see on TV when you score a TD.
Hurry! Take a picture before Dingle goes in to give the QB his waterbottle!
Looks like Tony Romo has been watching Terrell Owens on film too much, and picked up his bad habits.
Sometimes when the backup QB for San Diego is sent in, you can find Rivers on the opposing team's bench.
I said hike the ball on THREE!
Jake Delhomme couldn't hit the side of a.....oh you get it.

Alright, here is what you actually came in to read, right? :)

Week 9 Byes: Derek Anderson, Brett Favre, Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russell, Marc Bulger, Trent Edwards

QB Rankings:

Ranking Quarterback Name Match up Notes
1 Peyton Manning HOU The king of QBs has a great match up in Houston waiting for him.
2 Aaron Rodgers @TB It amazes me how Rodgers continues to get sacked but he continues to put up elite QB numbers.
3 Drew Brees CAR Carolina is a little tricky on defense but I expect Brees to have around 250 yards and 2 TDs at least.
4 Tom Brady MIA The only thing I'm scared about here is Miami's ability to run the ball so effectively, it will keep Brady off the field. When Brady does hit the field though, expect great numbers from him.
5 Philip Rivers @NYG You have to like Rivers in almost any match up, so why not against a reeling New York defense?
6 Donovan McNabb DAL McNabb and Jackson have become one of the most explosive combos in the NFL right now.
7 Jay Cutler ARI Arizona has been a little better lately on defense but Cutler is due for a breakout this week.
8 Matt Hasselbeck DET Matt Hasselbeck has been shredding defenses at home, and you'd think he'd continue to do that against Detroit.
9 Eli Manning SD Remember how Eli Manning was beating up defenses earlier this year? That Manning is still here...
10 Joe Flacco @CIN This is a tough match up for Flacco, and I expect Ray Rice to be the man for Baltimore this weekend. Expect good but not great numbers from Flacco.
11 Tony Romo @PHI Give it a rest Roy Williams, you aren't the #1 guy in anyone's eyes but your own.
12 Matt Schaub @IND It's tough to start Schaub against IND when they have only given up 3 passing TDs all year.
13 Kurt Warner @CHI I'd like to say that Warner breaks out of his "slump" this weekend against the Bears, but I just don't see it happening.
14 Eli Manning SD Remember how Eli was tearing apart defenses earlier this season? It's still the same Manning there....
15 Alex Smith TEN Tennessee's defense is still pretty terrible, and Alex Smith is starting to live up to potential. This could be his breakout game.
16 Matt Ryan WAS Washington has been surprisingly good on defense against the pass. Expect to see Turner run the show this weekend.
17 Carson Palmer BAL This game won't be a shootout, so I don't see more than a couple TDs for Palmer. He could throw some picks though.
18 Ben Roethlisberger @DEN I expect this to be a super low scoring game, so don't expect a whole lot out of Ben Roethlisberger

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