QB Rankings Week 12, Matt Leinart Has More Than A Chance

By on November 23, 2011

Matt Leinart

Remember him in Arizona, yaaa I'm not sure things will change in Houston but he has a chance!

But not much more… It’s hard to explain and since Im on a roll with list I’ll stick with that to breakdown Matt Leinart

Reason’s why Leinart could have success this week:

  • A great running game.
  • Coming out of a bye week.
  • Andre Johnson
  • He finally has a chance to prove himself with no one breathing down his back
  • Has had some time to mature, learn and get over his need to do beer bongs.

On the flip side, this is why Leinart will fail in week 12:

  • A great running game (like how that works?)
  • The Jag are tight when it comes to points allowed to QB, currently ranked 26th!
  • Houston’s defense will keep the score low, limiting the need to air it out.

For those of you that don’t give a flip about Leinart, here’s the rest.
[table id=136 /]


And then some more fantasy football rankings – RB - WR - TE -


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